Some people confuse intellect with education, others do it with values. A high set of values, ethics, inborn intellect, civic sense, mannerisms, honesty etc are some traits which possible cannot be related to education. These are somethings we get as a result of how we are brought up as kids.They say,some of these traits could even be coded in genes !

There are times when we come across some “Educated” people with nasty behavior and harsh language they speak in their regular life. Then there are some who take several years to pass out from college and try to impress others saying that they are highly educated or doing higher studies! In my entire corporate career,I have met more nasty people than otherwise. All of them were highly educated from prestigious B-schools!

Good behavior is not about knowing what to do with the fish fork or learning how to fake social graces. At heart, good manners involve looking outward rather than inward, attempting to understand, and respond to other person’s wishes and experience. Respectful behavior is the opposite of bullying, cheating and entitlement.  Good manners embody concern for the comfort and well being of others.  Respect grows when an appreciative spirit is nurtured.

Respectful behavior can become a foundation for personal power: the power to achieve, to grow, to be a positive influence. All of these attributes begin at home. They are nurtured, enhanced and appreciated at schools, homes and society and a positive individual makes it a part of his personality. Those who unfortunately do not get these virtues at home from parents are the ones who lack them all throughout their lives. They never become aware of that they are missing because they have never known them.

So its important to teach, value and treasure kindness, honesty,behavior,manners to our next generation rather than depend upon society or universities to do this job. This cannot be taught by environmental features, it has to be inherent and one needs to just polish them while growing up, by parents and society we live in.


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