A Jilted Lover

This is crazy stuff. A young boy of 15 kills 3 girls and injures 2 of his cousins a school.

That’s how much a broken heart can shatter you at 15? Its a pity that he chose to throw away his life for a girl who would not become his date because of whatever reasons. Its a pity because this young lad had everything going for him in his life. He came from a reputed family, he scored straight A’s  in his freshman year and he was crowned Homecoming Prince just a week before at his school. At home, he seemed to be the loving elder son of his doting father. His father used to take him and his brother for hunting in the woods as per their native traditions. He had started liking hunting or for that  matter whole routine as he kept posting pics of the  hunted deer on his FB page.He had a bunch of younger cousins idolizing him and an entire school voting him as the most popular lad of the school just the week before. He was into the school football and wrestling team, he had steady girlfriend for atleast last 2 years….so why did he snap ?

He got into a fight at football practice, punching a student and breaking his nose over a racial slur against him just a few days before and had been briefly suspended from the football team. His girlfriend of 2 years had broken up just after attending his homecoming with him, a few days before. It seems he had asked his cousin’s girlfriend out on a date and she had (rightly!) rebuffed him. Even though they were all 14-15 years old but each one in his group was in a relationship. Even his younger brother , all of 13 was in a happy relationship ! So was it peer pressure to have girl of your own in his circle of friends and cousins?

Its been almost 2 weeks but I cannot get this ghastly incident erased from my mind. So many innocent young lives wasted, such bloodshed and revengeful feelings in a 15 year old boy. So many homes devastated, so many lives destroyed, so many people will never recover from this ever. Could this have been avoided?

If only his Mom and dad would have spoken or spent sometime with him on everyday basis and they had a comfortable relation wherein he would share his break up with his mom/dad and they would comfort him that it was okay to have break ups(atleast at that age) and have look ahead in life.

If only his father did not introduce him to hunting and rifles which actually does not serve any purpose in today’s life, and kept his arms in lock and keys at home (especially because he had 2 teenage sons living at his place)

If only his girlfriend would have explained him amicably , giving him more time to recover from the shock of the breakup of their relationship.

If only his mom would hug him everyday and filled the void left by his girlfriend.

If only his father would not buy him and rifle on his birthday and keep revolvers and ammunition unlocked at their home.

If only that guy who hurled racist comments on him on the football field would have controlled himself that day.

If only his cousin’s girlfriend would have said a polite NO to him instead of rebuking him….

If only….

Update-Meanwhile the death toll is up to 4 out of 5 teens who were shot at by Jaylen-

Zoe Raine Galasso, Gia Soreano, Shaylee C, Andrew Fryburg leaving Nate Hatch to be the only survivor of the deadly shooting.

An interesting blog was written on this incident and I could not help sharing it here!

The Elusive Motive Behind the Marysville, WA Shooting – TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime.


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