Parathas or Sandwiches…!


Grilled Veg Sandwiches (Caught & Shot – A & R)

“Honey what would like to eat , veg sandwiches or Methi parathas?

“Anything you say…”, rolling over to other side of the bed!

“No tell me Honey, I can make both without any hassles”!

“Methi Paratha then !”

Breakfasts are the shortest affairs in my house. But even then, I make sure its the one which starts the day with enthusiasm!

Hubby eats whatever I put on the table, unless he’s in a cranky mood over last night’s sleep! However, I love to give him some options for it while he is still in the bed! So that when he is up and all fresh, his breakfast is waiting for him!

And then he reads his newspaper on the breakfast table with Hot Parathas! And I watch him savoring his breakfast, I’m glad his day starts on a good note and that he has traveled far away from his earlier days,when he used to travel round the globe and it used to be a hotel breakfast every morning.

Sometimes its Radish parathas or Cauliflower ones too. Sometimes its whole wheat bread and a double Mumbai spicy Omelette ( the taste of which was acquired in his college years while in Mumbai!) Its followed by a a couple of Almonds and a glass of  warm milk.

When I was not on a diet, somedays it would be Poori and Aloo veg ( favorite of North India) but now its mostly health food! For a long time in my life , breakfast was the least important meal of the day. I had to rush out for the day at 8 am and it used to be only a glass of milk. I’m glad those days are over now and I relish making an elaborate breakfast as well as enjoying it too!

Better late than never!

Cheers for good health!

Yummy Methi  Paratha (Flatbread)

Yummy Methi Paratha (Flatbread)


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