Sparkling or Still

Crystal Springs Lake, San Bruno Caught & Shot- A & R

Crystal Springs Lake, San Bruno
Caught & Shot- A & R

Idea of perfect day off…Of course it has to be outdoors. The whole day out a midst nature with a picnic basket. Some home made sandwiches or  some quick Rajma-Chawal (Mexican beans & Rice)with salad and pickle, potato chips, some nectarines,a book bottles of fruit juice, a few books, a big sheet to lie under a tree or next to a lake and some wine and cheese for the evening.I would also like to have a day out lined with activities like in a theme park or water-park or better still visit to a nearby nature resort ,may be a wild life park. But the best would be the first option- a picnic for the entire day of course with my man by my side. He is the most serene man I have ever seen and makes it a point not to disturb me for hours if he sees I’m enjoying something!

Every weekend of the year 2013 was filled with such cozy and pleasant evenings while I had a dream holiday in the US. At Marriot’s Residence Inn, there was a spread of huge american breakfast and evening snacks and I had to cook only the lunch! I was being pampered and taken care of like never before. I would pick up stuff from the breakfast table like bagels/cheese,biscuits, apples,pancakes with juicy maple syrup/honey packets,sandwiches, baked potatoes,stir fried veggies, cute milk packets and we would be on the road in search of a nature park to spend the day in. I would also cook a small meal for lunch so that we don’t have to hunt for an eatery at lunch time. These luxuries were also there at Delhi star hotel,when we stayed there for a year and a half but we had to leave the town for the weekend ,to hunt for greener places.

The best thing about spending the day in nature is that you become close to God by absorbing  the other beautiful things he has made. For hours you can get lost in their resplendent beauty. You appreciate the time of your life when you are away from the daily chores and it unwinds the mind and let us take each day as it comes without worrying about the next day’s or next week’s that emergency deadline at work!

Looking forward to have these fun filled and relaxing outings once the baby is delivered and is a few months bundle!Till then the memories of last year in the US and this year in southern India are fresh to keep me going!

A nearby park at San Mateo Caugt & Shot- A & R

A nearby park at San Mateo
Caugt & Shot- A & R


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