Nature Shot- A&R

Nature Shot- A & R

What’s my treasure….all of it is not material that’s for sure! In fact apart from some of my most prized stockings and lingerie, nothing material holds my treasure!

Yes, once upon a time, when I was lonely, emotionally bankrupt and had an insecure heart, I used to put emphasis on clothes, crockery, jeweler y and other such non-precious things.Living in a cold house with a selfish person made me hoard things. It used to be anything…I just used to blow my whole salary on good nothings and get pleasure out of it. Pleasure that would just disappear in following couple of days to abuse.

Copenhagen Bakery ( Burlingame) Shot: A& R

Copenhagen Bakery (Burlingame) Shot: A & R

Treasure in my terms is a genuine person, some lovely places that I have visited and in sometimes an item! Treasure is a day/night out with kids, Ani, family or a dear friend! Treasure is that chocolate shake in Mocha after a hearty meal. That meal which didn’t need to be planned as it was just a stone’s throw away from Maiden’s where we stayed for almost a year at Civil Lines. Treasure is, Ani making sure that all my wishes are met….the same day that I ask for them! It is the hugs and butterfly kisses I receive when I keep quiet instead of arguing with him! Treasure is the dimpled smile he unknowingly gives when he reads messages from his friends and also when he opens his beer can!


Brownie Shot: A & R

Treasure is dad giving away some cash to me while I leave his house. Treasure is his pets all over the house who give him love and affection unconditionally. It is that talk I  have with my kids everyday and the points they prove, now that they have one always! Treasure is my help at home , who does not utter a word while working and does her job to a perfect T.


Hiking @ San Bruno Shot : A& R

Treasure is the look of the valley when you reach the top after that long and tiring trek. It is playing with a child, making him happy by doing what he likes. It is opening the Facebook page and knowing that all my childhood and current friends are in touch with me sharing their joys and sorrows each day. Treasure is that evening walk by the park or the lakeside with Ani discussing mundane things!

Evening  walks with Ani Shot : A&R

Evening walks with Ani
Shot : A&R

Treasure is the everyday moments which keeps me happy and peaceful and those moments which have gone by, which remind me that I have done my bit for others. Treasure is the dreams and hopes of tomorrow. Treasure is the positive energy Ani supplies me on an everyday basis.

My treasure is my independence to do anything that I wish to. What is yours!

Photography Shot: A&R

Shot: A&R


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