Good Tidings

Coffee Mornings!

Coffee Mornings!

It was not a usual sunny,pleasant day nonetheless I was desperately waiting for this day to come as I was going to meet someone over coffee. Someone  special,who was a long-lost companion and who had been with me through all the ups and downs of my life! As I said , it was not a normal pleasant sunny day. The previous night had seen incessant rains and thunderstorm. The dark clouds from last night were still overcast, the weaker trees had given up to the thundershowers and the strong coastal winds.The sun was no where to be seen and the December chill ran through my spine as I got up from the bed.

I was going to meet a certain friend of mine who I had not physically met or emotionally got connected for over 10 years now.Through this last decade, though I had been in a train wreck, it was all peace since last atleast couple of years.Every issue closed , every trauma treated,every wound healed and every perspective towards life had changed, by life itself! I needed to tell her that she need not worry and time will take care of everything. That, she needed to be practical and take some tough decisions in life in order to be happy and peaceful. That, in the matters of life, it is not always the mind which wins but sometimes you have to go by your instincts and trust your heart too!

I ought to tell her not to give in to abuse anymore and that there are angels out there who will not judge her for anything and will love her for what she is. Sometimes life treats you with senseless tragedies and you do not have a choice but to bear them out. But in case of relationships you got to consciously decide if that is what is your peace is. If something is consistently giving you pain and is destroying your peace, you must acquire enough strength to pull yourself up and move away from it. Life is not about succumbing to your injuries, it is about creating your own heaven, enjoy each moment and bring peace to everyone around you. Life is about having dreams, fulfilling them and being someone’s inspiration.

I hope that over that cup of coffee, we come to terms with the good and bads of our lives and understand the fact that after each dark night, there is a morning. The morning which can never refuse to come, thereby reinstating the faith in life and the goodness of it.

I hope today she understands my perception of life and looks forward to her own. I’m sure I shall be able to show her the sunshine waiting to brighten her life in coming years,the stars that are going to dazzle her nights rest of her life and that she needs to hold tight for her prince is going to arrive soon, to take her away to their beautiful world!

We need to understand that we have this one life and we cannot give it away to destiny. We need to live each moment of it , creating dreams and realizing them. We ought to believe in ourselves, be honest with our selves and listen to our heart!

I’m getting ready wearing my finest white dress for this much awaited rendezvous over coffee this morning. The sun has started peeping out of the clouds spraying some sunshine on the rain havoc-ed trees and roads. The neighborhood lake seemed to be brimming with rainwater from last night, giving much needed fresh oxygen to lilies in it!

Did I tell you I’m going to meet my own self today!

And I’m waiting for my morning walks around the lake soon!

Morning Walks Shot: A & R

Morning Walks
Shot: A & R


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