She does not love me…

Love is Eternal

Love is Eternal

Me: “Why have you left home and here with me?”

Him: “I don’t know…”

Me: “Did you take this travelling job deliberately?”

Him: “Yes…”

Me: “But why…don’t you want to live at home with your wife? You had been married for only a year and a Half?”

Him: ” In that year and a half also I was travelling every month”

Me: “But now you have shifted out of your house and you live in a different city than your wife”

Him: “Yeah…”

Me: “Is there any chance of you two getting back together?”

Him: “I don’t know…”

Me: “Where do I stand in the picture?”

Him: “I wanna be with you…”

Me: “But you are married to someone else…”

Him: “Yeah…”

Me: “Why don’t you give your marriage a try…?”

Him: “I have tried enough in one year, I had to run away from her, from my house…she drove me out of my own house…”

Me: “But you guys were in love for 7 years before marriage…”

Him: “Yeah… ”

Him: “You should have atleast one reason, why you  don’t want to be with her..?”

Me: “She does not love me….” and he looked down to the ground.

Tears rolled down my cheeks….I held him tight and promised myself to love this baby boy all my life.

Capturing Love... Venice Beach (LA) Shot - A& R

Capturing Love…
Venice Beach (LA)
Shot – A& R



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