Return to Delhi

Love Speaks... Shot- A & R

Love Speaks…
Shot- A & R

Nostalgia of sweet memories of 2011-2012 will always remain in Nina’s heart. The year long stay with Andy at The Maidens and at Crown Plaza was too good to be true.

Even though both of them were struggling with their issues in their individual lives, they managed to stay positive and look forward for their life together. There were days when they had no answers at all for each other’s questions.

Life is full of surprises and most of them come at a time when least expected. When you are going through a tough time , when you cannot see your future clearly and hence cannot plan anything, life would surprise you with most beautiful gifts. The key is to hang on , have faith, keep loving unconditionally and be positive always.

All the thoughts about those years became fresh in Nina’a mind when they visited Delhi this time. They were married this time and had worked hard to make their dreams of being together. Nothing is impossible as it seemed 3 years back. Happiness is being together, staying together….each moment.


Happiness Shot- A & R

Shot- A & R


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