Tenterhooks – Of things other than Love

Alltime Favorite

Alltime Favorite

“What are you cooking baby?” , asked Andy from his study.

“Dinner…”, answered Nina.

“The aroma is making me hungry, what is it that you are cooking?”  asked an even more eager Andy.

“It’s your favorite dish”,  Nina smiled while cooking. She loved to give him surprises. Andy was busy working that evening and he could not get up to check what’s cooking!

As the weeks turned into months and years , Nina knew what made him go weak in his knees. Home made food especially north Indian Cuisines. Nina grew up in Northern part of India and she made those dishes effortlessly. Was it more than just love that got them together?

“I never got to eat such yummy food at home before ! “, he declared.

“What kinda food?” she asked.

“Palak Paneer, Matar paneer, Matar mushroom, Chicken Kolhapuri style, Sabudana Khichdi, Bhakhri and chutney, dal palak with hot phulkas, Chili beans Mexican Style, Lentil Chili, Pasta in Alfredo sauce with sauteed exotic vegetables, Dahi Vadas, Thick sambhar north Indian style , Pav Bhaji Mumbai style,Hot Methi parathas , Mooli parathas, Cauliflower parathas, Aloo parathas with dahi in the breakfast…..”

“Okay stop now…”, she smiled.

“I love you baby”, Nina blew a kiss for her from the kitchen platform.

What was it that turned her into a such a fabulous cook she wondered. Was it respect for his perfectionist personality? Or was it his devoted love for her?

Whatever it was, Nina was not bothered….she got back to her pans, ladles and spices, to make her man feel the most special one in this whole world.

On a relaxed day...

On a relaxed day…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bikramjit
    Dec 22, 2014 @ 10:47:34

    now that you have named some of those dishes in the post it has made me so hungryyyyyyyyyyyyy

    it is true the way to the heart of a man is via the stomach 🙂 he he he and that last toastie looks yummyliscioussssssssssssssssss


  2. Rinks
    Dec 22, 2014 @ 12:26:19

    Hey Bikram ! Universal truth…I don’t mind this way to a heart as long as the returns are in denominations of love and hugs! Love Punjabi/North Indian dishes although I’m from Eastern part of India!


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