Spouse – Week 2

I start this gratitude challenge following an inspiration by a fellow blogger Day-9 / week 1 – 52 Weeks of Gratitude | Me and My Random Thoughts by Bikram.

This is an  easy topic to write about now, at this current time of my life. But it was not always as easy. My life was a tangled mess of complicated emotions for a decade in my previous  marriage. It took away all that I had in my life , my heart, my soul, my kids, my belongings and most importantly my emotional balance. It took me long to realize that I needed to get out and get myself a life before I breakdown. I did what I needed to do but it took me a while to realize that .By the time I had bailed myself out, I was bankrupt by all means. I didn’t take a penny from him, I let him keep the kids, I paid for my own attorney and moved into a one bedroom apartment. Life has seen a drastic changes since then. I’m happy,  I do what I want to, my heart remains intact and I relish every moment of my life.

All this would not have been possible if I had not met my guy. One who let me know that no one has to live a tormented life as I was living and every single person deserves to be loved and nurtured. Spouse, better half, significant other, soulmate….whatever we may name it, is that person who brings in peace, tranquility and love in your life. He balances your life with his and takes care of each of your emotions. He is there around you every moment and selflessly dedicates his time for you. He teaches you, he learns from you every day of life and walks besides you in this journey of life. He loves you for what you are and more importantly  he respects your wishes. He gives due respect to other people in your life and never lets you down in anyway. He is that person who knows your mind without you having to speak about it.

He is my significant other, he is my guy!

My Better Half !

My Better Half !


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bikramjit
    Jan 22, 2015 @ 19:10:54

    A handsome man and a good man..

    God bless you both..

    My best wishes


  2. Rinks
    Jan 26, 2015 @ 18:04:45

    Thanks Bikram ! Blessings are priceless and go a long long way. Handsome… good…perfect…gentleman…humane…all in one package!


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