The Capricorns


Symbol : Goat

Ruling Planet : Saturn

Constellation : Capricornus

Zodiac Element : Earth

Zodiac Quality : Cardinal

Sign Ruler- Saturn

We, the Goats are very independent and believe that to depend on others is a weakness. Our stern exteriors can be misleading. When you get to know us better, the picture becomes rather different. We avoid taking risks, and would stick to the tried and tested ways, but we also have a fun-loving streak! It is just that we take more time to open up. Security is important to us so we pursue monetary goals with dedication, but material pleasures are never our priorities. We command respect, but never try to dominate others. However, when the Goats slip into negativity, which we often do, we become rigid.


The women born under the Sign Capricorn are simple and pursue their goals aggressively. They are meticulous women who have full knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses. They do not get carried away by fantasies, but when they set their hearts on something, they will go after it with determination.
They are both conservative and outgoing. They succeed in managing both domestic and professional work easily.


The most exceptional quality of a Capricorn is that we are practical. However, we lack spontaneity and all our moves are planned in advance. We can’t tolerate defeat, and all our efforts are geared towards making sure that we get the success we desire. For us, seeing is believing. We will only believe the things seen, touched or tasted. We are realistic and cannot appreciate what is idealistic. And, it is exactly because we are practical that others value our opinion highly.We are fair and have a strong sense of justice.


The Capricorn-born people are the most determined of the entire Zodiac. The most prominent qualities of the Goats, as they are called, are that they are ambitious, conservative, determined, practical and helpful. They make good team leaders and organizers, because of their single-minded focus on their work, sense of responsibility and sincerity. They are perceived by others to be workaholics, unemotional and detached. Sometimes their negative qualities – stubborn, suspicious, pessimistic, resentful, inhibited  – are seen clearly, but deep inside the Goat is a humble heart. They are soft, and their hard outer shells are meant to guard themselves against the hurt caused by rejection.



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  1. Bikramjit
    Jan 27, 2015 @ 13:03:31

    so what does it say about scorpions 🙂 I want ot know that


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