I believe that Education is an enlightening experience rather than a process of receiving systematic instruction at school. Beacause if education cannot teach you to be rationale, to persevere and be patient then its of no use.

The aim of schooling or education, ultimately should be to make one mature so that under a given set of circumstances he is able to make a fair decision. What is the use of piling up degrees if you don’t know how to behave in public, how to talk to people, how to manage people or for that matter how to have social ettiquettes. I have come across several so called “postgraduates’ or highly educated people who do not even know what kind of language they use to communicate with people. They would talk at the top of their voice in a normal conversation, use choiciest expletives, brag, exploit, derogate and humiliate people just for nuts.

Sometimes you would find such decency in young people and sometimes you fail to see it in so called educated people. I feel, all that matters is becoming an overall good person and how soon in your life you achieve that state of Nirvana. What does it actually take to make you a nice human being? Do you really a post graduate degree to achieve that? I don’t think so. A lot is already in your genes, and most of it is acquired in your growing years while your parents teach you to do the right things. A lot of it is imbibe when we grow up observing our parents. If they scream and fight, we tend to lose our tempers at the drop of a hat. If they appreciate peace and serenity, we never know chaos and we never choose it later it our lives.

A school just refines our already acquired codes of being gentle, nice and calm. A school only teaches us science and maths. A real education is when you appreciate another life and are grateful to people around you. That is taught by the values we learn from our immediate family and surroundings that we grow up in. So many of us behave like uneducated people when thrown in a situation we dont’ like. We argue, fight and turn the situation ugly!

Being an educated person means you have access to optimal state of mind regardless of the situation you are in.

And that certainly does not need any college degree.

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