The Chocolate Pastry


They were next door neighbors in their teens. She loved his cat and looked forward to talk to him.They grew up together before she left for the university. Quiet, shy, dimpled…he had become her crush in their growing years. She wrote to him from University confessing her love.By the time he replied she was bethroted. He had taken too long a time.

Fast forward 20 years, they met again on facebook. This time they decided to have a cup of coffee together. She took half day off from her work and went to meet him in his office. As they hugged, his face lit up in that dimpled smile. She gave him the roses. As they sat in his car, the skies opened up to pour. The gods were happy too.
She was in an abusive marriage, he could see it. He was getting married in a month’s time. She asked him what took him so long. He didn’t have an answer. Together they remembered their childhood days over a cup of coffee. That day, he taught her how to savor a chocolate pastry, forgetting everything for that moment. “First take a bite, then close your eyes, let the chocolate melt in your mouth, twirl it around with your tongue….and swallow slowly….don’t open your eyes until the end…!”

That day as he helped her eat a bite from his hands, a teardrop fell from her eyes, he wiped it with his handkerchief, “Don’t cry, everything will be alright”, he had said.

Fast forward 5 more years. She is sipping coffee and thinking about him. Did they missed it twice already?
She smiled as she thought about her dimpled crush from high-school. There are sweets things from your childhood worth a treasure.

She will always remember how he taught her to eat a chocolate pastry. She sipped her coffee and reached for her cell phone to call him.



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  1. Bikramjit
    Nov 04, 2015 @ 12:42:35

    memories… 🙂


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