Denver- A city I visited


It was fall of 2015 and my husband told me if I wanted to see Denver as he was travelling for a couple of weeks for work. I jumped up with a YES as usual. Baby was manageable at 8 months and I deserved a break from the monotony of life with a baby…!

So ,We hired a SUV and packed up stuff and there we were on the Dodge (US Route 6) for an almost 10 hour drive.


The drive did not have much to expect as I knew it would be laden with mid-west farms. But yes it was different than all the drives that I ever took in my life. There were farms and farms machinery and cattle all along the horizon until the eyes could stretch. And the trucks that we would pass by were only transferring farm supplies.

It was almost dusk when we started to see the shades of Rockies! But soon enough it was dark and all we could see was the glow of the city in the sky.The long journey ended soon after we saw the Denver skyline. Funny but somehow I always related Denver with Madhuri Dixit! The first sight of Denver will always remain etched in my mind….the shades of blue Rocky mountains.


The following week was going to be hectic for Ani and I was supposed to be on my own. As I ventured out in nearby areas, I hit upon a road which was leading to….mountains. On the next few days Me and Riaan would take our afternoon walk on this road.


Some lovely cupcakes and sandwiches were the next few things that I relished while in Denver. The weekend would see snowstorm , the weather channel said and Ani will have to work from home for 2 days. The hotel staff welcomed all their guests with piping hot chocolate and marshmallows on the night before the snowstorm….I was thrilled. So was Ani as we were about to witness snowstorm for the first time!


The next day dawn break was all white….it was awesome to see snowfall in US for the first time. It was more thrilling because it was a storm and it would not stop the whole night. Some 8 inches of snowfall was amazing to look at but I’m sure it was one hell of a task for the people who had to clear it up the following morning!


That weekend was  spent watching snowfall and playing with snow. The next one was a trip to downtown and other beautiful places Denver has to offer.The church, the secretariat,  a walk through the downtown and the football stadium which is in a shape of a horse shoe. We also went for a trail which has the footprints of dinosaurs. The trail has fossil sites, interesting rock sites, and the scenic overlook provide hints to the prehistory of Colorado’s Front Range.


To sum it all, Denver was an interesting 2 week vacation. A modern city with good infra-structure and a cold climate , thanks to the more than often snow storms! The people were friendly and the food was yummy especially the chicken wings I hogged on the last night at Finn McCool’s 🙂



Will I like to visit Denver again….most likely for the snow and the chicken wings!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bikramjit
    Mar 10, 2016 @ 08:02:10

    Now I feel like visiting the place myself..
    Beautiful pictures. .


  2. Rinks
    Mar 12, 2016 @ 09:01:04

    Thanks Bikram. I would post more pics of Denver on one of my pages soon 🙂


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