Someone I got to meet…!

This was the year 2005. The place was “Scotland of East” – Shillong. I was working for a Japanese company and one day I had to visit the only star quality hotel in Shillong to collect some papers my boss had left with the manager. As I was sitting in the lounge waiting for the hotel Manager , he called me for a cup of coffee in his cabin and left to fetch those papers. I was enjoying my coffee when from the glass door I saw a person sitting in the lounge with a couple of people surrounding him. The face looked familiar…I turned my back several times to check him out. Meanwhile the manager returned and I asked him who was that guy. He said,” Fardeen Khan…he is here for a shoot and is staying in our hotel.”

Next moment I was in the lounge with the manager as he introduced me to Fardeen. I asked him how’s he doing and if he would not mind giving me an autograph. I didn’t have a mobile back then else I would have had a picture with him! So it was just an autograph on an official diary! I went back home gushing…

Fardeen back then used to be a bit of a poster boy of Bollywood. He didn’t own even a single ounce of the acting thing in him nonetheless he was cute !!

It took me several years to outgrow that “Fardeen Moment” in my life. People would show no reaction when I would mention this event to them and then one day one eccentric friend of mine reacted “Fardeen , who?” Well that was end of it and thereafter I never mentioned this incident anymore to anyone. Fardeen, like many of the Bollywood stars went into oblivion in a couple of years ,almost. With no acting or dancing skills he quite didn’t get  a hold in Bollywood. Later on, I could see him doing some silly B grade comedies.

There are no excuses for being a moderate, regular or average joe. Not even being Feroz Khan’s son would help. This also applies in general, for life. Whatever you do, you gotta be the best in it.

Nonetheless, I would not forget those 5 minutes of my life. That was the closest I would ever get to a star. Stardust….yes of course I still have some shining on my shoulders!

PS-Lovely pair, enjoy the song 🙂


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