E- England: The Monarchy


Hever Castle

My interest in British Monarchy dates way back to 2005 when I got myself admitted to the Masters of English program. I got to read about several emperors through some very brilliant writers of their times. Every time I read about House of Wessex, Plantagenet, York, Normandy, Lancaster,Tudor , it left me wanting to know more and more about them. Its amazing how the siblings, cousins and spouses have managed to run this kingdom for thousands of years. They have fought ,wed , made up with cousins and got in treaty with the nearby Kingdoms to maintain the bloodline and the crown for England and Ireland.


Windsor Castle

I have almost seen every movie made on monarchy. Some of the good ones are: Mary-the Queen of Scots, The Young Victoria, Elizabeth, Lady Jane, The Other Boleyn Girl, Wallis and Edward, Henry VIII, Victoria and Albert, The Private Life of Henry VIII, The madness of King George, The King’s Speech etc to name a few.The movies were brilliant and gave me a peek into the British royalty through the director’s mind.


Alnwick Castle

Each Monarch had his own characteristic and ruled with fervor. Some of them genuinely worked for the public and some laid their own interests ahead. Whatever it may be, they ruled with passion. The politics of the parliament also played a great deal in the rise and fall of those empires.The best of the English plays , poems and stories have been written during these times in England. Shakespeare,undoubtedly being the best of all times.


Leeds Castle

The characters of all the Monarchs have been unique and some of them like Queen Victoria and Elizabeth have had the longest and most successful reigns of all times. Its not possible to write about each one of them here in one post nonetheless some of my favorites would be Mary- Queen Anne’s sister, Elizabeth Woodville (Wife of Edward IV),Thomas Cromwell (Minister To Henry VIII), Catherine of Aragon, Lady Jane Grey, Queen Anne Boleyn etc.

With a promise to write on my favorite historical characters sometime, let me get going into the time machine and imagine the grandeur of those times!


Herstmonceux Castle


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