Q for Quality

Caught : A & R

                                                                           Caught : A & R

If a job is worth doing.its worth doing well. Quality of the work done characterizes the person who has done it. Sometimes if I did not like the day-to-day chores , I would do it for the sake of doing it. Lot of years later in my life I would realize that every single task that we choose to undertake ought to be done well. It then becomes a habit and you are known for your work- excellent work.

Also the satisfaction of doing a work well is tremendous and stays with you for long and it ,time and again fills you with inspiration and contentment. When it becomes a habit ,one inspires others to strive for excellence whether or not its a job that you are paid for or is a mundane job of our regular life. I have known a handful of people who are know for the quality of their work. They do not care what work it is or for whom they are working, they would give their best shot in everything that they do.

I think its an excellent virtue to be incorporated in our value system as the returns are high and long-lasting. Basically ,we need to work on the quality rather than the quantity of the tasks.


                                                                             Caught : A & R


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