V for Vacation

                                                                            The Carribean

Vacation, the most pleasant word of all times!

I took my last official vacation in Goa back in 2014. It was for 10 long days and I really relaxed and sunbathed in cool waters of Goa. Goa was pleasant in March and so we could roam around in a scooter comfortably along the entire length of it. After 2014, life has been pretty hectic. Though I have been on an extended sabbatical, its not so vacation like anymore 😦

1.Vacations are stress busters-Getting away for regular vacations and leaving our every day stresses give us a break from the constant high levels of stress hormones and a chance to repair some of the damage.

2.Vacations improve sex life-Is there really a thing as “vacation sex?” Studies have shown that people who vacation regularly reported feeling sexier, with greater romance in their relationships – which equates to better sex and hence better relationships.

3.Vacations makes us more productive-People feeling more creative after taking time off, and are more satisfied with their jobs when they took regular vacations.

4.Vacations makes you thinner and hence look younger—People who vacation on a regular basis feel more energized.  They were also found to have improved glucose levels and even had some weight loss around their waists.

5.Vacation makes you happier-Of course the excitement and planning for the vacation is always thrilling in anticipation of the actual vacation days which makes you release happy hormones.

6.Vacations makes you open to new perspectives-Whether its a beach or a foreign country or driving through the heat of Las Vegas, time from work gives you an excellent time to reflect and open yourself to new possibilities. At such a period away from work you can see the world from a holistic angle rather than a lopsided angle. We could be reading a business book, learn new cultures and change our perspective which may help us gain better vision as w return to your every day job.

7.Vacation gives us family time-Quality of life is depends upon how you appreciate yourself and those who are around you. It could be with yourself, family or friends; but only vacations from a busy schedule offers you time to appreciate the people around you. Time away fro busy schedule gives us an opportunity to think about those things that matter, whether it is by reflecting or planning, vacation gives you a sense of peace and warmth you will never get in a workplace environment.

Above all the brain does better with rest, and so does the heart. Mental and physical fatigue causes stress, sloppy decision-making, and carelessness.And in the meantime life slips away.

So me going to plan for my next one…are you?




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