Erased Memories

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Year 2002 to 2009 :I had a lot of wonderful memories of this city. This city, which was my home away from home for more than 7 years .Having left my home just after school was very unnerving. But before I could know, I was doing my graduation, post-graduation and M.Phil in this city. Hyderabad started to feel like home also because I met my guy here. Although we had met online, it felt like we had met in this city. After I finished my M.Phil, I picked up my first job here. My boyfriend studied in another city and he would come to see me every once in a while and we would spend some good time around the city, eating, watching movies and just seeing places around the city. I still remember my Mom and dad had come to drop me when I was just 18 and now 7 years down the lane, I was on my own. I had made some good friends here during my college days and later when I was working. Some of the most important memories of my life have been made in this city. I learned to cook, travel and be all by myself in this city. I learned to love ,write letters/mails and read in this city. I learned to be independent in this city.

Year 2010 :Fast forward 1 more year. I had a perfect life.Married to my boyfriend, I was now living in a metro and was pursuing my doctorate from a prestigious university, had made lots of friends, had a husband with a decent job, a lovely all-furnished flat and ample time to write and visit restaurants to write reviews of the food I ate. The humid weather and travel time to university was a bit cumbersome but nonetheless I enjoyed it because for a moment in life I had everything. I realized, I didn’t miss my city as much now.

Year 2013: It was when my marriage broke down and my husband left me for another city, that my world came crashing down. Suddenly I was all alone in a new city again. It felt like I was once again a 18 year old, left in a new city to fend for myself, study and live my life all by myself. After 2 years of living in another city and country when my husband finally told me that he wanted a divorce, I sat in the shower for long. My mind raced back to the memories of Hyderabad where I had met him for the first time. All the lovely memories I had of that city including my college days came flashing in front of my eyes. They were fond memories and I had spent about 10 years of my life there.

Year 2016 : Fast forward 3 more years. I hate the city that I grew up now. I cannot stand if someone even mentions the name of it. I have tried chucking out that part of my life from my memories. 10 years is not a small time to forget but I could not live with those bitter memories anymore. It is strange how the fondest memories of a city can turn so indifferent now. It is strange how a city can take half of your life and then gives you so much pain in return.

I cannot forget this place even though I hate it so much now.Life is a quicksand, I was not prepared for it.
Lesson learnt: Appreciate what you have for you may lose it anytime.

PS- Purely fictional work, any resemblance to anybody living or dear is purely coincidental!

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