Again- Sulakshana Pandit


This lady manages to remain in my thoughts consistently. With her demure personality, which personified the roles that she did in her decade old career and the silent love she had for her first leading man never ceases to surprise me.

A gentle sensitive soul Sulakshana, despite making a moderate success of an acting career could not deal with the harshness of the industry and personal disappointments and now lived like recluse, her dewy soft voice however remains fresh in my memory.

Sanjeev Kumar was her first lead actor and had been so in many of her movies. His name was associated with Sulakshana and its being said that he didnt continue the relationship for too long and broke off with her after avery brief time. No one knows the real reason but its again said that Sanjeev fell madly in love with Hema Malini, the super star of those times. However, Sulakshana waited for him till the end, that is like literally till he breathed his last at age 47.

In an interview she accepts that once Hema Malini was married to Dharmendra, she suggested marriage to Sanjeev but he was heartbroken and decided to remain a bachelor. Sulakshana too, then decided never to get married.

This may have been the turning point in her life. Had she tried to get out of love with Sanjeev, she would have found someone else who could have loved her better or loved her at least. But Sulakshana would never be able to get out of this mess in her life.

Sulakshana was already having a crunch, getting roles as she was 30 plus in age and had crossed the prime of her life in terms of a Bollywood career. Sanjeev’s passing away sent her into a deep depression. She was ready to live a life without being married to him but she could not deal with him being dead. Soon after her mother, who helped her to be strong and resilient all this while, also passed away. Sulakshana’s whole world came crashing down, literally.  For several years she lived alone in her massive seaside flat and lost touch with the real world.People recall seeing her on her balcony for endless hours ,talking to herself. She seemed to be a totally different woman than what she used to be.

Her family consisting of her sisters and brothers were probably busy in their lives as everyone had a family to look after. One sister paid the electricity expenses and other replenished her monthly groceries. More than that , no one must have really bothered. Sulakshana would live a lonely life for next 2 decades, until 2006.

It was not until Jeetendra , another one of her leading hero came to her rescue, wand then her youngest sister took her home. It was when a reporter recorded Sulakshana’s pitiful living conditions in a magazine with her pictures, Jeetendra came forward to her rescue. He helped in selling Sulakshana’s flat and her sisters helped in buying another couple of flats for her so that there is a steady income to sustain Sulakshana.

Sulakshana now lives with her youngest sister Vijayta. She looks better in her recent pictures and videos. Although , she does not look like she has fully recovered from the trauma she suffered. I could only guess how bad would have been her circumstances for the 2 decades while she was all alone, when Sanjeev was gone.

I wish there was a biography on Sulakshana’s life, so that I could know the exact dateline of what happened and when. Have you ever heard of someone who has lost the purpose of life once their loved one has abandoned them?

I have not.

NB- I recently read that Sulakshana was the only earning person in her family of 6 siblings and her mother. After her father passed away early in her life, she was not left with any other choice but to continue earning for her siblings to grow up and be decently educated or trained to earn a living for themselves. All that happened as planned but once everyone left the nest Sulakshana was also left with no savings and no further work. She was over 35 and as an actress her life was over. So the lesson here was as an eldest sibling while you take care of your family, you should also leave some savings for yourself and think of an alternate career.

Equally important is that you should also lookout for a life partner to spend the second half of your life. Sulakshana missed some important planning in her life and while everyone just took advantage of her monies out of a successful career while it lasted, she let her life adrift.



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  1. Po' Girl Shines
    Nov 09, 2018 @ 00:30:14

    Life can be painfully sad for some. What an interesting story. Thank you for sharing it.


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