# 1-100

Backpack through Europe

Become an organ donor

Partake in a 6-month sabbatical

Do donuts in a parking lot

Become a foster parent

Live on a ranch

Donate $1000 anonymously

Front row tickets to a Mika’s concert

Get a masters degree in a language

See all ‘101 must see movies’

Do a Bunjee

Visit 7 different continents

Live to see my great grandchildren

Create a blog

Fill a gratitude journal with 1000 entries

Learn to play guitar

Take a cruise

Feed a wild animal 

Learn to swim confidently

Date someone who is at least 5 years younger

Hitch-hike through Texas/Mojave desert

Buy a DSLR Camera

Start a bonfire, barbeque chicken and veggies, camp by the Bonfire that night

Expand knowledge in an area of expertise

Learn to dance tango

Two-week long camping trip somewhere in mountains of Yosemite National Park

Have a beer with a long lost friend

Kiss a total stranger

Throw the most badass party ever

Feed an ostrich

9 day religious fast

Learn how to give a full body Swedish massage

Start a business

Go couch-surfing

Volunteer as a fireman

Be in a flash mob

Join a biker gang

Have a corporate job

Buy a last minute plane ticket to “the hell outta here”

Become immersed in another culture

Become a member of a foreign-exchange student organization

Fall in love

Watch northern lights

Stay in a Amish Village for a week

Take a dip in Pamukkale, Turkey

Work for an NGO

Ride a cruiser bike

Go skydiving

Go diving

Get a tattoo

Go to Venice

Go to LA and Vegas 

Write a poetry book

Move to another country

Party in Las Vegas with all an girls group

Learn to surf

Have an art exhibition

Donate blood

Eat pasta and pizza in Italy

Go hiking in Scotland

Drink wine in France

Live in Midwest of America




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