Baby no- 2

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy…

Just when I thought, I was done with making babies in this lifetime, I had to rethink ! As next 2 years of my life fast forwarded in front of my eyes, I could not help smiling, watching this beautiful Coke ad. Life will be chaos just once again. Messier, crazier and sillier….nonetheless I’m enjoying the smile I see on hubby’s face every now and then. Riaan does not know yet about his threatened position in the house…but I’m sure he will learn to be a good big brother soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy this lovely ad from Coke. They always make them awesome !


X for X-Chromosome


Well, I was frustrated looking out for X words to write this post when I struck gold!

X chromosome-a sex chromosome, two of which are normally present in female cells (designated XX) and only one in male cells (designated XY).

The basics-Men inherit the X chromosome they have from their mother and the Y chromosome from their father, while women inherit one X chromosome from the mother and the other from the father.

X inactivation-Every woman carries a double dose of the X chromosome, whereas men carry one X and a Y. Women don’t express both copies of the X chromosome in their cells: in each cell they shut one copy down (the ‘inactive’ X) and use the other.

Specifically, there is a gene on the Y chromosome called SRY that makes the big difference. This gene tells a baby to be a boy. Without the SRY gene, babies develop into girls!

But also know that the SRY gene isn’t enough.  There are lots of genes needed to make a boy. The SRY gene just starts something called a gene cascade which in another words, an avalanche to begin the entire process of making a baby boy. The SRY gene turns on some boy making genes that turn on some more boy making genes and so on. Eventually you get a whole different set of genes working differently than they would without the SRY gene there.

Conclusion is that in all the babies are programmed to be female babies and this gene (SRY) on Y chromosome initiates the whole process of turning the baby into a male baby.

So much so for biology….

Well…now I know there’s a lot of hard work that goes behind in the background!!

And thats precisely why they say, “Mubarak ho…ladka hua hai!! ”

Riaan @20 days

Riaan @20 days

O for Ocean

Ocean 2

After a lot of thought provoking sleepless nights I stumbled upon the name – Ocean. Though I was in the middle of my pregnancy but the name stayed with me. It was unique and sounded nice , I thought. Never told anyone that I had to fight to keep this name!

For a long time he was the youngest of the family. My heart & soul, Ocean kept me occupied during the most difficult times of my life. His smile, his baby acts, his innocence and most of the times his understanding of things surprised me. Ocean was always older than his age. Always taking right decisions and making us know the other side of the issue,he cared for everyone alike. He is a crazy Barca fan and Messi is his God. Always quiet and calm , Ocean never flares up unlike Naomi. He gave meaning to my life when it had hit rock bottom. Currently in his final year of school, he remains the most balanced and peace loving soul in either side of the families!

N for Naomi


Quirky and ever effervescent, Naomi revels in her melodramatic perspective towards life. For her life is huge stage and being dramatic is a necessary tool for survival. You will always find her reading or debating, her two passions. She is currently doing first year  Masters in Political Science from JNU although she has always maintained that she is a literature student at heart.

A fighter, a leader and the ever so popular girl wherever she goes. She revels in the magic of her own charm.

Naomi is biblical character and also is a name in Japanese meaning- pleasant.

Naomi is my first borne angel.

I for Ice cream


This post is for the crazy times I had while I carried my baby. While he is a toddler now, I still get those sweet-hunger-pangs every now and then. But now I cannot call them crazy!!

I remember finishing a half kilo icecream brick all by myself. I used to start my day with a gujiya or motichur laddu with tea. My poor husband would keep the refills ready lest I would have to go without sweet early in the morning and get cranky. And then during my 5th month of pregnancy , my blood test revealed I had high sugar levels. Well….that was a shocking news more so because I was prohibited from eating any kind of sweets and was put on a low-carb-high protein diet with less oil. It was a tough next 4 months thereafter but I made up after the baby was born because my blood sugar levels became perfect then.

I remember taking my husband along with the baby to icecream parlors every month. Though I got rid of pre-diabetes but I still could not indulge very often. I realised how sensitive our bodies are and how much we take it for granted. We almost abuse it until we face a health hazard!

I still eat ice creams but only once in a while and I do not forget to tell people that if you have sweet tooth, get your blood sugar done. Craving for more sugar is a sign for pre-diabetes. Stay healthy, stay fit 🙂





The word Gentleman reminds me of the movie An Officer and a Gentleman. Richard Gere playing the role to perfection. Somehow I always have associated him as a true gentleman! After this movie, the faith got stronger 🙂


Being a Fauji kid, I also have associated Gentleman with men in uniform, of course. Each one of them show absolute gentleman-ly behavior in public. Aint sure if they are up to the same mark in their personal lives too! Living not less than 30 years in Fauj has shown how good these men in uniform are in general. Sadly, this quality is not in great abundance in civilian men (or women), something I have personally experienced. May be because men in uniform are supposed to be pleasant and chivalrous as a responsibility and such a requirement does not bind civilians except for people in hospitality industry.


Putting together some of the important do’s for a Gentleman:

  1. Negotiates airports with ease
  2. Never lets a door slam in someone’s face
  3. Knows when to keep silent and does not swear
  4. Wears his learning lightly
  5. Possesses at least one well-made dark suit, one tweed suit, and a dinner jacket
  6. Avoids lilac socks and polishes his shoes
  7. Turns his mobile phone to silent at dinners
  8. Carries house guests’ luggage to their rooms
  9. Says his name when being introduced
  10. Breaks a relationship face to face
  11. Is unafraid to speak the truth
  12. Knows when to clap
  13. Arrives at a meeting five minutes before the agreed time
  14. Is good with waiters
  15. Is not vegetarian
  16. Never kisses and tells
  17. Cooks an omelette to die for
  18. Seeks out his hostess at a party
  19. Sandals? No. Never
  20. Demonstrates that making love is neither a race nor a competition
  21. Knows that there is always an exception to a rule

Riaan- A Dream Come True

Riaan Anirudha

Riaan Anirudha

That Baby Bump!

Baby bump! Caught by- Ani

Baby bump!
Caught by- Ani

Its 20 weeks and Ani was waiting to capture this moment in time. He chose his birthday to be that day when he froze the moment forever.

After the birthday dinner and the cake cutting ceremony, Ani called in for the shots from various angles! Rose happily posing for him and for their child who would love to see how his mom and dad were excited for having him with them!

This one is for keeps…!

Love, Cheers!

A New Arrival

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

It was 3 years that Ria and Rahul were together. Several times they had talked about starting a family together. Ria was more keen for it because Rahul always was a hardworking busy guy. She asked him how important it was for him to start a family of his own. He would say, there is no urgency and that even if they don’t have a kid, he is fine.If required they can think about it later and go for adoption too. Ria wanted to give herself a chance on motherhood. She thought , nothing can beat having a kid together…it would be the best gift she could give it to him. Rahul seemed to be more worried about the responsibilities and other things which may come with the baby.

But then, he succumbed! Ria told him she wanted to give it a chance this year. It was the summer of 2014 that they conceived the baby. The perfectionist that Rahul is, he is busy taking care of Ria : Mom-to-be of his child! He is a changed person now and takes out time to talk to his baby too!

Ria is happy that she talked him into this….as she can see him happy too , looking forward for the arrival of their own child into this world!

There is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved or turned around. Ria says…

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!




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