Happy New Birthday

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Hubby sneaked in a cake to be lit at 12 am sharp. Son didn’t like it much, he just hated the color enough not to even taste it,discarding it at the first  sight! But he insisted on lighting the candles every time we got the cake out from the fridge , for next 2 days till it lasted!

Having a vacation courtesy husband’s off from work since Christmas. He is looking after the baby and I’m on a roll, doing my stuff!

Good beginning to the new year, hope it stays this way….all my life.

One of my friends husband wished me- Happy New Birthday…( happy new year+Happy Birthday) Lol

Wishing you all good luck and good health in 2017 and all your life.



Everyone has their serendipity moments. For some its food, results of an exam they took, sports event, stumbling upon a  buy-1-get-3-deal, bestie turning into a lover…

My serendipity moment has to be the way Ani came into my life. It was the summer of 2011 and my on-the rocks marriage had exasperated me to no end. I used be irritated, angry and upset all the time. My work was suffering and I had difficulty maintaining my all other relationships. Perhaps , the time had come to quit. After several attempts of online dating , I took a break as it was not at all a good feeling meeting awkward, funny, stupid and sometimes outrageous people.

I kept delaying meeting Ani and he kept asking me out for a coffee. After a month of chatting and talking on and off, I had finally agreed to see him for lunch. I had no hopes from this meeting, like I said, I was put off by the kind of people who were on the dating sites.

One meeting led to another and before I could realize we were seeing each other on every weekend.

But it was still a regular date and not a serious relationship. It could not be because I was not going to get into a serious relationship so soon. The scars of my abusive marriage were deep and I was simply taking time-out to re-organize my life. On the other hand Ani had left his wife of two years and was seeking a temporary relationship to spend his lonely weekends. So either way, we were just hanging out, giving ourselves some time and did not really want a relationship.

But before we could realize, we were thick into love and could not live without seeing each other. The temporary relation seemed to have done its first job- healing the scars. I felt that we were spending crazy amount of times together, hence I thought we needed to talk and give the relationship a direction. So, there we were discussing the possibility of a serious bond together just 6 months after we had met. Ani said ,he wanted to be with me , rest of his life but did not know how would we go ahead with so many complications around our lives. I admitted my feelings for him and told him,”Let’s go with the flow of time”.

Surprisingly, things got sorted out by themselves and both of us were divorced by the end of next one year.

My man is nice and kind by nature and that’s the most basic quality of a good human being. I could not have asked for more and we became man and wife soon.So a casual date turned into a pleasant relationship and then took an even more pleasant turn when we realized that we could not get a better spouse than each other.

So here is to unpredictable things, risk taking abilities, intuitive instincts, having fun, faith and loving life. Most important of all , is to give your best shot at all times and enjoy each moment of your life.

I would say, never forget to dream and things will work out for sure!!



Dreams coming true…

Monthly Anniversary

One month down

Anniversary Bloom Seized by A& R

Anniversary Bloom
Seized by A& R

….Ria had to spend the week back at home with Parents. It was awful, not being able to spend the day with her husband of one month! This could not be avoided as Ria needed to be with her dad for his annual health check up and then she dropped him back at home. They decided since it was almost a year, she should spend sometime with parents. She looked forward for it! But nothing could make up for not being with her hubby on that day!

Now that she is back and good things are happening, they have decided to celebrate it all together! the wedding, the baby on board, the incentive at work and the promotion….!

Happy days are rolling in!


The Post Wedding Movie Date

Felt bad that I spoiled the surprise Ani kept for me on the very next day of our wedding! Stumbled upon the Book My Show sms on the mobile phone and asked him if he booked any tickets. Poker faced , he said no….it was only then when I realised that it was supposed to be a surprise! I quietly came out of the room, with a grin on my face.  My sweet hubby….:-)

Mary Kom , was a movie I was waiting for since many months since we both are very particular about watching which movies to go for. Ani never showed , he too waited for the movie or he may have just got the tickets coz I wanted to see it. Being the hard core feminist that Im , Ani knew I would love the movie.

Finished a quick supper and we zoomed past on Mumbai- Hyderabad highway on our Honda car to the destination. Reached just on time and settled ourselves with eats and treats for next 2 and half hours.

Amazing opening scene with Priyanka Chopra in her elements and the perfect picturesque Manipur in the background, we just loved the movie till the last shot. I had tears rolling down every now and then, nonetheless it was worth it and after a long time we were totally satisfied and happy watching  this good movie.

It was one of the best days of my life, my hubby treating me with a movie about a woman protagonist and that  it was surprise from him…..! Falling in love with my guy all over again….

A must watch- Mary Kom

Three Years Anniversary

Love @ Reno (caught & shot- A kind stranger)

Love @ Reno (caught & shot- A kind stranger)

Three years…

It was the 3rd day of September 2011, when a distraught Ria had finally decided to meet this guy who was a stranger back then. Since they got acquainted a couple of months back , he had been coaxing her to have coffee with him. She had been putting it off on the pretext of something  or other. It did’nt seem to be okay to see someone who was a complete stranger and from another city. Though she had been trying to know everything about him over their daily phone calls, late night conversation on chats and messages, but it was long before she was be convinced about that coffee invite.

“Afternoon cup of tea”, she said.

” Come and have lunch with me…” , He offered.

“Hmmm…okay, but I will have to rush back home early “, she said.

“I will drop you home”, he offered.

And as they say….rest is history!

It was a hot and sultry afternoon of the capital when she took an off from work to catch the metro straight to the place he stayed in. He kept in touch on that entire journey of 40 minutes and called before she had to change her metro.After a few confusions at the meeting point, finally they saw each other under a tree just outside the metro stairs. He was a simple and cute looking guy. A bit nervous but containing himself altogether! Of course they enjoyed that lunch together and ever other day that was spent thereafter. She would come down rushing to see him everyday and after spending a few hours together he would drop her back home everyday. It became a routine until they decided that she could probably stay with him over the weekends. The bond developed into a tight one and they became inseparable after only a couple of months.

Its been exactly three years hence.  There were loads of ups and downs in their lives due to their previous engagements  with different people but they remained together each day and each night- mentally, emotionally and physically. They are going strong and are planning a simple wedding soon!

Time to celebrate the 3rd anniversary and togetherness. Cheers!


Half Moon Bay, Tranquility and Him

1  IMG_1419

Every time we turned onto route 92, I could see an eternal calm on his face. What was it that turned him towards this route by the lake, around the hills towards the pacific onto highway 1….I used to wonder! The highway 1, they say is the one of the most scenic place on earth. Indeed it was…so whenever we took that drive I would get busy with my camera, never thinking about how he really felt that he took this turn every second weekend ! No when I look back at the memories….and at the pictures I had taken , I realize he was probably trying to soak it up all…since it never seemed to be enough! It was a beautiful drive beginning with some winding turns up and down on the road we left the city.

Then came the breath-taking view of Crystal Springs Reservoir. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a calm and serene.


Crystal springs

Crystal springs



Facing the lake we can see some heavenly clouds, crystal clear skies and the emerald blue waters. After passing through the lake  first we cross some woods on the way and some country houses which are mainly because of the crops they grow on the foothills. People have set up farming equipment there and busy farming veggies, pines trees,fruits etcThen there is a kids park which has got small rides. Parents could be seen here with their kids eager for the rides.A couple of make shift vegetable and fruit shops and some small stores cater for the passing by travelers. Once this rustic scenery is over, we carry on towards our destination , Half Moon Bay.

IMG_1524      IMG_1521

The hillside road ends on a junctions and opens up on both sides,one towards Half Moon Bay wharf and other towards some neighborhood communities on Highway 1. We have enjoyed seeing both the sides, including once getting down a cliff to a beach which was kind of deserted and windy.

IMG_1519  IMG_1491

Half Moon Bay reminds me of that sumptuous supper of fish and chips we had and washed it down with a Cranberry crush. There were some farms nearby and a Fishermen Wharf. Enjoyed watching the seagulls in flights and the fishing boats neatly parked after a day’s hard work.

IMG_1449  IMG_1450

These trips were heavenly because here nature has been preserved with utmost care. Pollution, chaotic crowd and commercial extravagance does not exist in this place.

IMG_1505  IMG_1443

So, now I know why we took that Route 92 every weekend…!





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