Valentines’ 2017


It was a lonely Valentine this year as hubs was traveling but not very lonely because I got to spend it with my baby. Just me and him , and his naughty antics which would make me insane on any other given day. But I enjoyed it on this special day as I remembered the time when I carried him for those not-so-enjoyable days, but overwhelmingly emotional days, when each day I would pray for him to be safe, growing inside me.

A mother-son relationship is simple and straight. Its about love and nothing else.

So we enjoyed the day with a trip to the park, some cake and ice-cream in the evening. Because , sweets aint a regular thing at our place.

Hubs had been calling us since morning, not a usual stuff. I’m sure , he missed his valentine son too!

So, celebrating it over this weekend , we and our little bundle , who is otherwise called a devil….


Baby no- 2

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy…

Just when I thought, I was done with making babies in this lifetime, I had to rethink ! As next 2 years of my life fast forwarded in front of my eyes, I could not help smiling, watching this beautiful Coke ad. Life will be chaos just once again. Messier, crazier and sillier….nonetheless I’m enjoying the smile I see on hubby’s face every now and then. Riaan does not know yet about his threatened position in the house…but I’m sure he will learn to be a good big brother soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy this lovely ad from Coke. They always make them awesome !

P for Pristine

Merced River

Merced River

One of the most pristine places I visited is the Yosemite valley in California. Thanks to John Muir, a Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States. His activism helped to preserve the Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National park and other wilderness areas in the United States.



I made sure I visited this valley days before we were moving out from California to Mid-west. It was difficult with an eight month old in the lap nonetheless it was a promised land.

As we started to drive in through the highway leading to the valley, the beautiful meadows gave us company for a long stretch.A couple of small towns and we had reached the hills from where we would ultimately descend to catch the glorious Yosemite. It was a pity though that we could not camp in there however even the day trip had too much in store for us.


The national park is characterized by two Two federally designated wild and scenic, the Merced and the Tuolumne, glaciers, wilderness trails, several gigantic granite peaks and some ancient giant sequoia trees.


I took some of the most serene and pristine nature captures of my life in Yosemite. I only wish we  could protect all such natural places in India too. Too much of population, pollution and commercialization is destroying the most precious thing we have- The pristine nature.


O for Ocean

Ocean 2

After a lot of thought provoking sleepless nights I stumbled upon the name – Ocean. Though I was in the middle of my pregnancy but the name stayed with me. It was unique and sounded nice , I thought. Never told anyone that I had to fight to keep this name!

For a long time he was the youngest of the family. My heart & soul, Ocean kept me occupied during the most difficult times of my life. His smile, his baby acts, his innocence and most of the times his understanding of things surprised me. Ocean was always older than his age. Always taking right decisions and making us know the other side of the issue,he cared for everyone alike. He is a crazy Barca fan and Messi is his God. Always quiet and calm , Ocean never flares up unlike Naomi. He gave meaning to my life when it had hit rock bottom. Currently in his final year of school, he remains the most balanced and peace loving soul in either side of the families!

N for Naomi


Quirky and ever effervescent, Naomi revels in her melodramatic perspective towards life. For her life is huge stage and being dramatic is a necessary tool for survival. You will always find her reading or debating, her two passions. She is currently doing first year  Masters in Political Science from JNU although she has always maintained that she is a literature student at heart.

A fighter, a leader and the ever so popular girl wherever she goes. She revels in the magic of her own charm.

Naomi is biblical character and also is a name in Japanese meaning- pleasant.

Naomi is my first borne angel.

J for Jolene


One hell of a beautiful song by Dolly Parton. This single, by the country singer from Nashville, was released in October 1973 , as the title track from her album of the same name.

It was 5 years back that I actually heard this song playing at Mocha, Delhi and then it kept playing in my mind again and again for a week and that’s when I decided to search for it on Google with just the word “Jolene”. When I told Naomi about this song, she said, “I do not like that song cause I’m kind of Jolene in my real life!”

Dolly Parton revealed that Jolene was the name of a young fan she met during one of her concerts. She liked the name so much that she decided to write a song for this young girl. Dolly chose to bind together a real life incident of her life to this song and hence Jolene- the sweet song was created.

The song goes on to explain how Jolene, a stunningly beautiful woman with auburn hair is trying to steal away the singer’s lover. As she begs Jolene not to take away her man, she realizes, he too is besotted by Jolene. According to Parton, the song was inspired by a red-headed bank clerk who flirted with her husband Carl Dean at his local bank branch around the time they were newly married. The song became Parton’s second solo number-one single on the country charts after being released as a single in late 1973.

The song has got an evergreen melody and also a real life feel to it. If you have not heard it before, its time 🙂


A for Ani

Goa 2014

Goa 2014

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Ani is all rolled into one. We both had to kick our ex’s out and that was the reason! It was the beginning of a wonderful summer and we both were kinda sure that it wont last beyond the season.However time proved us wrong and 5 years down the lane we are soulmates and have made a baby. Surely when life threw lemons, we made delicious lemonade together!!

On a serious note, Ani has been my hope, strength and sunshine all rolled into one. A meritorious student right from the beginning , he teaches me to make my life perfect each day. Be it helping hand with the baby, running errands or giving tips on a regular basis on just about any topic, he teaches me to be selfless, honest and give your best shot in everything that one must lay his hands on.

His vast knowledge , experience and his ability to live a disciplined life is a boon for me. I follow him blindly and pledge to love him eternally.

So A is for Ani and A is for Angel !

Sunset in Goa 2014 Shot: A&R

Sunset in Goa 2014
Shot: A&R

The Roseman Bridge


                                                                      Caught N’ Shot- A&R

It was after lunch and Francesca sat on the porch sipping iced tea.With Richard gone for more than a decade, thoughts about Robert came to her mind more frequently.As a usual chore,she got dressed up for her walk to the middle river across the Roseman bridge. After the walk she would pick vegetables from her garden and cook while listening to radio. Then she would read all the letters she wrote to Robert.
She stopped her car about a mile away from the bridge and started to walk. As the gravel road turned, the bridge started to appear.The memories of that sultry August afternoon started to flash in front of her eyes. It seemed just like yesterday, when she had come here with Robert .It was a good 15 miles from her home nevertheless she was glad she took the decision.
Today she saw a truck parked by the side of the road. Her eyes danced like butterflies all around.It would be stupid to look for Robert after so long, she thought. But she had kept his memories alive in her heart.She almost ran towards the bridge, when she saw a figure leaning over the railings, looking down at the River.She felt like this person had been standing there since eternity.Francesca called out his name and he looked back. He was an older, frailer version of her tall and husky Robert.
He smiled and looked for her hand. As she moved a step closer to hold him, he murmured,”I knew you would come” .Closing her eyes she hugged him tight and said.”Let’s go home Robert…”

Lunch on an August Noon


“Why don’t you come over for a cup of Coffee?” he asked.
“May be sometime later…” she had said. She had been avoiding this rendezvous for more than a month now.He was new and alone in the city and had been looking for a friend to talk and spend sometimes. She too, was lonely in her life.They hadbeen talking on phone  all this while and he seemed to be a kind person to her.They would generally talk about their work, hobbies and life in general.
It was a Friday morning and she had been in a rather traumatic state of mind,thanks to an early morning fight with her husband.As he called her on work, he had quietly listened to her sobs and imagined the nasty weekend she was going to have.
He asked again, ” Come over for a cup of coffee, you will feel better”. This time, she had said yes to him. Around noon, she took a bus to meet him at his place. He kept calling her to ensure she does not lose her way. She got out of the station and called him on his cell phone. They could not find each other for about 10 minutes. She wondered if it was too good to be true. But then she saw him waiting under a tree just outside the station with an umbrella. It was a hot August afternoon and as they walked down ,he kept the umbrella up over her through the entire way.

She looked up at him and wondered what took him so long. He looked at her smiling and asked,”What will you have for lunch?”



Everyone has their serendipity moments. For some its food, results of an exam they took, sports event, stumbling upon a  buy-1-get-3-deal, bestie turning into a lover…

My serendipity moment has to be the way Ani came into my life. It was the summer of 2011 and my on-the rocks marriage had exasperated me to no end. I used be irritated, angry and upset all the time. My work was suffering and I had difficulty maintaining my all other relationships. Perhaps , the time had come to quit. After several attempts of online dating , I took a break as it was not at all a good feeling meeting awkward, funny, stupid and sometimes outrageous people.

I kept delaying meeting Ani and he kept asking me out for a coffee. After a month of chatting and talking on and off, I had finally agreed to see him for lunch. I had no hopes from this meeting, like I said, I was put off by the kind of people who were on the dating sites.

One meeting led to another and before I could realize we were seeing each other on every weekend.

But it was still a regular date and not a serious relationship. It could not be because I was not going to get into a serious relationship so soon. The scars of my abusive marriage were deep and I was simply taking time-out to re-organize my life. On the other hand Ani had left his wife of two years and was seeking a temporary relationship to spend his lonely weekends. So either way, we were just hanging out, giving ourselves some time and did not really want a relationship.

But before we could realize, we were thick into love and could not live without seeing each other. The temporary relation seemed to have done its first job- healing the scars. I felt that we were spending crazy amount of times together, hence I thought we needed to talk and give the relationship a direction. So, there we were discussing the possibility of a serious bond together just 6 months after we had met. Ani said ,he wanted to be with me , rest of his life but did not know how would we go ahead with so many complications around our lives. I admitted my feelings for him and told him,”Let’s go with the flow of time”.

Surprisingly, things got sorted out by themselves and both of us were divorced by the end of next one year.

My man is nice and kind by nature and that’s the most basic quality of a good human being. I could not have asked for more and we became man and wife soon.So a casual date turned into a pleasant relationship and then took an even more pleasant turn when we realized that we could not get a better spouse than each other.

So here is to unpredictable things, risk taking abilities, intuitive instincts, having fun, faith and loving life. Most important of all , is to give your best shot at all times and enjoy each moment of your life.

I would say, never forget to dream and things will work out for sure!!



Dreams coming true…

A Name


I was born to  soldier and his working wife. My dad met my mom when she had just joined Airforce in a civilian capacity. He was a Parachute Jumping Instructor and was posted at my mom’s city unit. He fell in love with this independent girl, working with the soldiers and proposed to marry her. All of 18, my mom directed him to her dads’. Marriage fixed in about 6 months time and they live happily ever after.


Oh wait…I was born the following year after the marriage. Since mom returned to work after 3 months of maternity leave, I was taken care by many people while she worked. My granny, my aunt (mom’s sister), her cousin and one lady who was a neighbor. This lady had 3 teenaged sons and she happily proposed to look after me while my mom worked from 7 in the morning until 2 pm. She would feed me,change and tuck me in as and when needed. Her sons were grown up and she missed having a baby around, she said. Also she loved having a girl for herself ! My mom sometimes would leave me at my granny’s and my aunt would take care of me before she picked me up on Saturdays. In between some of these days mom decided to have me named but she wanted the lady who looked after me, to name me. She wanted to thank her in her own way. The lady called me “Rinku” and that was put in the records. Rinku is a common name from the state she belonged to- Bengal.


I’m one of those people who didn’t like their name initially. But as I grew up and Mom told me this story of naming my name, I was filled with gratitude towards that lady and for my mom too. That lady for her unconditional love and Mom for being grateful to her and showing it in a unique way. As I grew up, started to like my name, short, sweet and crisp. It means ‘Sweet’ or ‘Sweet Thing”.

They say, a rose is a rose is a rose. Does not matter if it was not named as rose. But I’m glad that my name is a tribute to a good lady for her kindness and love. I have never met her or tried to find her ever but now it looks like I must.

Yes after writing this post , I’m going to call Mom.


Something we take for granted

Love Cloud

Love Cloud

Being loved is the most precious thing in the world and I think we all take it for granted. The love by the parents, siblings and then by lovers is something we should be always grateful about. We usually never realise that parents love by our parents is like a gift from heaven and it never ceases comewhat may and hence we take it for granted all our lives. We realise when they are gone and then we repent rest of our lives. The sooner we realise the importance of parents love, its better. Because there is nothing like it and and we should enjoy each onet of it and try to give them the same selfless love.

Similarly , siblings, most of them love us unconditionally. Partners, lovers or spouses who love us like we were born in the same family and who nurture us are the best thing to happen after parents. One should consider himself lucky if they get such a life partner because in current times its rare. Once lost you will never get it back !!

Let’s vow never to take love for granted, never to demean it, never to be ungrateful, if we are lucky enough to have it. Let’s learn to appreciate and nurture the love that we have in our lives.

Love from parents, family and partners is to be rejoiced, respected and returned in the same intensity if not more.


Sunset @ Goa

Sunset @ Goa

A Book You learned From-Taj (T.N Murari)

“Taj” was given to me by Naomi one summer while we were living in Allahabad. Though I’m not a voracious reader but as I read the book, I fell in love with it. The characters, the storytelling , the beautiful amalgamation of factual and fictional happenings captivated my heart. Even now several years down the line I still hold the memories of those feelings that I went through while reading that book.

To my surprise, I fell so in love with this book that I got the book copied at a local shop and carried with me. Something in it struck a chord in me and it would take months for me to know what was it. I was born and raised in the city of Taj. I had seen all these forts and monuments a hundred times during my childhood. I could visualise almost every single detail mentioned by the author about the forts and all the delicate artisan work done during 1700s. The book had told the ever-lasting love story of  Mumtaz and Shahjehan in a very subtle manner. Right from their childhood, how they met, fell in love and promised to love each other through thick and thin. It also adds a piece of fiction in it by adding a character who is close to Mumtaz and from whose point of view we see the world.

Pure Love

Pure Love

We come to know what Mumtaz feels for Shahjehan and how every time he is out on a battle, she accompanies him on a chariot taking all her young children with her, so many times even while she was pregnant. Shahjehan too loved her like no one else could even when he had a huge task of taking care of his empire. The author makes that delicate balance of facts and fictions so well that you could feel the intensity of the lovers in that era. It almost comes to life for me because I have seen all those small little nooks and corners of Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri where this love happened in real times. While I soak myself up in history and in the love of the Emperor and the Empress, I also know how vibrant and important my city was at that point in time.

The political scenarios, the culture, the economics, the trade and the intense love is depicted exquisite and precise. I love this book for its depiction of sheer love, sacrifice and honor of two human beings towards each other at the times when emperors were busy filling up their harems and expanding their empires. I’m basically an ardent lover of historical facts and books written on them.

This book has been a thorough pleasure to read while you let your imagination go back a few hundred years back into time. Shahjehan and Mumtaz’s eternal love stood the test of time through centuries, even though the Empress died at a young age of 36, Shahjehan never remarried and spent rest of his life making this monument. Legend says, after Taj was made, he died looking at it , remembering the love of his life.

Gist of the story is to love with all your might for you never know how soon this life would get over and one would be left with only memories.

Love in the times of an Empire

Love in the times of an Empire

The Other Woman



How does it feel like to be the other woman? To be the woman who broke a marriage of two years. Well, there is always another side to a story…!

Initially Ria started spending only evenings with Andy. Soon she started staying over weekends and then before they realised, it was the entire week. Andy seemed to be in pain, a lot of pain. He said that he recently had a break up with his girlfriend and it had caused him lot of heartache. Ria did everything to ease him out. He was fine a few months later and thats when he confided about his marriage which had broken down. Ria loved him even more. She made sure they were together all the hours after work.He would see her off for work everyday and anxiously wait for her return after a tiring day at work. Together they made several escapades to nearby places, discovering and knowing these places and also each other. All this while, Ria was kind of worried how would they ever end their marriages and subsequently be with each other. Andy , on the other hand was more of a “live-in-present” kind of a guy. He was soaking up each moment of happiness that he could get from life.

Ria sometimes wondered why there were so few calls from Andy’s wife over the week or even on weekends for that matter. How can a newly married couple live so far away  from each other in different cities with almost no communications, she would wonder.  When a guy does not respond to his wife’s calls, texts, mails….there is nothing much left in the marriage.

Somtimes Ria would feel guilty about being the other woman. She could feel that Andy’s wife was still trying to save their marriage. But without his help, it was an impossible task. He had gone far away from her, their home for 1 year and her food that she so felt had captivated him. After all  a marriage is supposed to make you feel secured, comforted and loved. All thse 2 years, Andy had felt none. In fact , he asked Ria why women change after marriage. She said yes they do, only they start loving their men more, his eyes had glistened.

Ria told Andy to give one last chance to his marriage. She didnt want to be that “other woman” and she also felt, the wife was still trying to be with him as much as possible, of course when she would get time from her studies, her friends, her parents and her hobbies. Andy was never her first priority after marriage. And that was precisely why the marriage had started to crumble. She visited him once a year and would join him for Diwali when he went to his parental house. All the other inbetween months , Andy was supposed to be happy, in love with her, be faithful to her and believe in their long distance marriage and be all by himself.

It was a October that year, when his wife stayed with him in their house, went to his parents house with him and then came back with him for a few more days. Ria does not know what went on between them during those days. But Andy would call her every night and tell her that he loved her. After another couple of months, Andy was on his way out to another job assignment in US, he stopped by her city and stayed with her for a few days.  He confided that he has given his last shot and it didn’t work. That he is done and its not going to work and that he wants to stay with her rest of his life.

After this , it was just them. They still didnt know how would they go about their respective divorces nonetheless it was quite a relief for Ria that she gave Andy some time to decide. Ria now knows how Andy’s marriage had already disintegrated when she came into his life and that she never forced him for any of his decisions.

Truth is , a marriage cannot be broken down if there isnt any crack in it. Ria also feels that Andy’d wife had left him alone to fetch for himself. He had instead fetched- a girl who loved him just a bit more and never took him for granted.

In such cases , the wife was, in fact the other woman who had taken so many years of their lives before the actual soulmates could live happily ever after.

Sometimes we need to change our perceptions, those which are created by society.



Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

It was the first father’s day for Ani. This time it was special for me too, for I was glad that Ani was the father of my lucky baby.

Honest, fiercely loving, caring for both of us like none ever, makes him a very special person.

It  was celebrated twice, one a Pre-Father’s day and then again on THE day. Who could be the best father in this world than Ani as he brought me a lovely pair of crystal earrings even though it was his day!

Happy Father’s day….to all you wonderful dads!

A Smile that would not stop…

Daddy Time

Daddy Time

The most happiest moment of my life has to be the one after the birth of Riaan. No, not for me or Riaan but for Ani. The daddy would not stop smiling since he saw his first born ! The nurses, one in particular was gushing how the Dad was glowing with happiness!

After being with me for more than 12 hours in the hospital while labor was being planned and induced, Ani made a couple of trips back home to get my stuff. He was then back by my side holding my hands all these hours and supported me for every decision that I took while in labor. He would encourage me, pat my hands,  stroke my hair and kept telling me that its going to be over soon.

It was 2 am, when Riaan arrived, and Ani was beaming with happiness. At that very moment,I was so glad , I took this decision to have our baby. The baby has brought myriad colors of happiness in our lives. Riaan has brought us even more closer. Could there be any other magic than having borne a baby?

For me, life has become hectic. Its been a month now, the body aches and stitches have disappeared looking at the smiling face of Ani everytime he comes home from work. When I see the father and son playing, I realize there could not have been a better gift for us than Riaan.

A small hiatus from rest of the regular stuff of life and I’m back with a bang. Life is more happy, more fulfilled and with more hopes and dreams with two guys of my life!

Riaan- A Dream Come True

Riaan Anirudha

Riaan Anirudha

One Journey of Faith

From Two 2 Three ! Shot by A& R

From Two 2 Three !
Shot by A & R

We had been waiting for this trip since one year. We had even planned the conception of our baby so that I would be able to fly during the safest period of my pregnancy. But somehow the trip didn’t come through the whole time. We, anyway enjoyed the first 2 quarters of the pregnancy in India while I let my husband know that I would need him by my side during the labor and delivery, in case he has to fly out now. He promised me he will be, at any cost.

You never know what destiny has in store for you.  We were prepared for this trip and also quite anxious about the long flying hours that I will have to spend sitting on a chair , given the fact that airline seats were not comfy by any means. By the end of 7th month, Ani’s trip came along, I got worked up now that I would have to bear it out alone, that is the rest of my pregnancy. But it was a huge surprise to know that most of the airlines allow pregnant women to fly till 36 weeks.I was only 30 weeks along.

We were flying out in next 2 weeks and all the arrangements had to be made. The “baby stuff” that was being done in a normal pace was rushed up and all the medicines etc were stocked up for next one month. Packing was being done for spices and Indian stuff that was not available in US. One constant worry was, if I would be comfortable sitting in the airline seat for 22 hours!

So it was , Hyderabad to Abu Dhabi , a 4 hour flight and then a 3 hour break before catching that dreadful 16 hour flight out from middle east to Americas! The entire journey was a mix of fear, excitement, happiness and most importantly this was our first international flight together. Ani was super worried about me and the baby and was on a roll all the time!

” Walk, move hands, move legs, eat, sleep, now wake up, drink water, have you had your medicines, okay now check out from the window, read this, watch a movie, wash your face and freshen up….goodness gracious ” , he was pretty worked up! Had a few bouts of uncomfortable hours in the long flight but overall, I enjoyed it. Ate everything that came along , also hogged the Methi Parathas and pickle which I made at home. Didn’t over sleep, watched some good videos and chatted up with my guy for hours! The stewardesses were taking extra care of me and I felt relaxed.

Honestly, the long flight didn’t feel like one and we bonded all over again , talking about the years that we had spent together and anticipating the years ahead. Talking about the lil’ one that was coming along to make our lives all the more happy.

So the entire journey turned out to be a pleasant one. Patience , love and faith kept us intact and made us enjoy the journey despite the apprehensions. I’m sure , life too is going to be one such long and pleasant flight!


The Trio !

The Faith ! Shot by A & R

Something Someone Gave You- Week 5

Time is a Gift - by Ani

Gift of Time – by Ani

Giving is always a bliss. Receiving is a pleasure too. Long time back my brother told me to never go by the price of your gift. Gifts are bought for you with some thought, money and energy and that is what should be appreciated. I have always valued the gifts I have received and have treasured them all.

Friends , parents, colleagues always give you gifts with or without occasions. My sweet hubby has been showering me with gifts since we met and some of them are totally invaluable. The most precious would have to be the gift of my life that my parents gave to me. I would certainly thank them for having decided to get married and have me as their first born ! For its’ because of them that I’m able to see this beautiful world , live and love it in all senses.

One that I would never forget is a hand made birthday card my kids gave me when they were very young. It was for “The World’s Best Mom” with lots of scribbles and colors inside! I treasure that and keep it close to my heart always!

Gift of Love

Gift of Love

***I start this gratitude challenge following an inspiration by a fellow blogger Day-9 / week 1 – 52 Weeks of Gratitude | Me and My Random Thoughts by Bikram.

Family- Week 3

Love Forever

Love Forever

When we say family…the first thing which comes to my mind is Ma and Papa. The people who gave me the gift of life , brought me up, made me good enough to be independent,self reliant and dignified. We do not appreciate our parents until we leave our nests. A few years in college hostel or another city for your first job make you realize their importance. You start coming back to them, along with maintaining your study or job hours. Then you get married  and the parents take a back seat in your life , again. It almost a decade before you get out of your husband/wife/kids/career (read – a vicious cycle) mess that you are a bit relaxed to pay attention to your parents- your first family !

Ma and Papa are the epitome of love ,discipline and integrity. In the best years of my life that I have spent with them, they have molded, guided and loved me to become who I have eventually become as a human being. They, my family has played the most important part in my growing years. The fact that I’m able to live this beautiful life as I should, is because of them. Parents are and should be an integral part of our family.

Parents role do not end once we grow up and get married and start our own families. They remain in our lives as grandparents to our kids. They help them grow with their intense love and care. This time , may be they are a bit relaxed about disciplining them! But that’s okay, that bit is left for us to do.

I cannot imagine my life without my parents.They are and would remain my first family because I know even at this stage of my life, every heartbreak leads me to them and they do everything to get me out of it. Always giving and never asking for anything in return….isn’t it what a Family actually should mean?

Given the fact that there are no schools to learn parenting, I guess all the parents do an excellent job by making their family happy and by providing for each one of its members. Raising a good family is not an easy task however it remains the only way to know what our family has done for us and to carry on the tradition forward.



***I start this gratitude challenge following an inspiration by a fellow blogger Day-9 / week 1 – 52 Weeks of Gratitude | Me and My Random Thoughts by Bikram.

Spouse – Week 2

I start this gratitude challenge following an inspiration by a fellow blogger Day-9 / week 1 – 52 Weeks of Gratitude | Me and My Random Thoughts by Bikram.

This is an  easy topic to write about now, at this current time of my life. But it was not always as easy. My life was a tangled mess of complicated emotions for a decade in my previous  marriage. It took away all that I had in my life , my heart, my soul, my kids, my belongings and most importantly my emotional balance. It took me long to realize that I needed to get out and get myself a life before I breakdown. I did what I needed to do but it took me a while to realize that .By the time I had bailed myself out, I was bankrupt by all means. I didn’t take a penny from him, I let him keep the kids, I paid for my own attorney and moved into a one bedroom apartment. Life has seen a drastic changes since then. I’m happy,  I do what I want to, my heart remains intact and I relish every moment of my life.

All this would not have been possible if I had not met my guy. One who let me know that no one has to live a tormented life as I was living and every single person deserves to be loved and nurtured. Spouse, better half, significant other, soulmate….whatever we may name it, is that person who brings in peace, tranquility and love in your life. He balances your life with his and takes care of each of your emotions. He is there around you every moment and selflessly dedicates his time for you. He teaches you, he learns from you every day of life and walks besides you in this journey of life. He loves you for what you are and more importantly  he respects your wishes. He gives due respect to other people in your life and never lets you down in anyway. He is that person who knows your mind without you having to speak about it.

He is my significant other, he is my guy!

My Better Half !

My Better Half !

Return to Delhi

Love Speaks... Shot- A & R

Love Speaks…
Shot- A & R

Nostalgia of sweet memories of 2011-2012 will always remain in Nina’s heart. The year long stay with Andy at The Maidens and at Crown Plaza was too good to be true.

Even though both of them were struggling with their issues in their individual lives, they managed to stay positive and look forward for their life together. There were days when they had no answers at all for each other’s questions.

Life is full of surprises and most of them come at a time when least expected. When you are going through a tough time , when you cannot see your future clearly and hence cannot plan anything, life would surprise you with most beautiful gifts. The key is to hang on , have faith, keep loving unconditionally and be positive always.

All the thoughts about those years became fresh in Nina’a mind when they visited Delhi this time. They were married this time and had worked hard to make their dreams of being together. Nothing is impossible as it seemed 3 years back. Happiness is being together, staying together….each moment.


Happiness Shot- A & R

Shot- A & R

She does not love me…

Love is Eternal

Love is Eternal

Me: “Why have you left home and here with me?”

Him: “I don’t know…”

Me: “Did you take this travelling job deliberately?”

Him: “Yes…”

Me: “But why…don’t you want to live at home with your wife? You had been married for only a year and a Half?”

Him: ” In that year and a half also I was travelling every month”

Me: “But now you have shifted out of your house and you live in a different city than your wife”

Him: “Yeah…”

Me: “Is there any chance of you two getting back together?”

Him: “I don’t know…”

Me: “Where do I stand in the picture?”

Him: “I wanna be with you…”

Me: “But you are married to someone else…”

Him: “Yeah…”

Me: “Why don’t you give your marriage a try…?”

Him: “I have tried enough in one year, I had to run away from her, from my house…she drove me out of my own house…”

Me: “But you guys were in love for 7 years before marriage…”

Him: “Yeah… ”

Him: “You should have atleast one reason, why you  don’t want to be with her..?”

Me: “She does not love me….” and he looked down to the ground.

Tears rolled down my cheeks….I held him tight and promised myself to love this baby boy all my life.

Capturing Love... Venice Beach (LA) Shot - A& R

Capturing Love…
Venice Beach (LA)
Shot – A& R


No Time to Waste


Life is too short to regret and hold grudges against people who have not been fair to you.Or blame the circumstances you have been in ever since.You are invariably the choices that you make. The key is to learn the lesson, pick yourself up and get going!

The story of my life is not an enchanting one nonetheless it makes me realize that I’m solely responsible for my happiness.

At the age of 20, fresh out of college I was married off to a guy who was 10 years older than me. For a long time, I struggled hard to know him. Sometime during those initial years I knew, this is not my place.

For every moment of those long years, I had a nagging, burning, agonizing feeling that he would never be the right one for me. Despite his honesty, he seemed to play games with my heart, handled his finances very poorly and, amidst all, was very insecure despite having lots of confidence for himself. I could never understand him. But I understood that his family had never prepared him for LIFE and MARRIAGE, and the poor decisions he had made as a younger man had him caught in a muddy hole, one he just couldn’t seem to dig himself out of.

As the years went by, he could give me less and less of what I needed. Two kids  arrived during these years,things became better for me but nasty between us. I was a terrible nag, and I can feel that now. There were too many things about him that I would nag him about. And I began to realize that I could never change him and shouldn’t have to. What ate away at me day and night, was getting away from my kids because I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without them. And being alone horrified me.

The time when I was comprehending walking out on him, I started making more friends and spending time with them so that it would be easier to handle the stress of a broken marriage later on and beat the loneliness.During this enduring time I read the book “The Secret” which is about the law of attraction. It inspired me and made me pick myself up from the trash that I was in. I realized that, I had not arranged my life in a way that allowed for all the things I desired. I also realized that I had to decide what I wanted in my future and start taking active steps towards attracting that future. I knew that life would be only be about constriction and battle if I do not break away from this marriage which was doomed from the first day.

The silver lining was ,I had already met my soul-mate during these struggling years. Just that we had not realized the purpose (in the larger context) of our chance meeting.I moved out and rented one small bedroom apartment for myself. The initial few weeks were heart wrenching without kids. I would not cook, eat ,sleep or do anything. I walked around like a zombie ,even to my office! Nothing would make up for the kids’ smile and their presence around me all these years. Ani , helped me as much as he could by keeping in contact and was by my side all the while. During these hard times, I realized, Ani was in my life for something much more than that.

My fate was destined to be with Ani long before we actually met.

Most love stories begin in very unpredictable ways. Every single moment leading up to the one in which you meet your soul-mate prepares you for that person you were fated for. Previous heartbreaks or sleepless nights can be essential in the grand plan of things—sometimes we need to know what something feels like when it’s wrong before we can ever really know it when another thing is RIGHT.

I remember , when I first saw Ani, I was charmed by his bright smile and vibrant eyes. Three years down the line, I’m in love with his smile and eyes even more! For him, it took a longer time,but we are at the same frequency now!

If I would not have had the courage to walk out , I would have never known this happiness. the happiness of being with the soul-mate, the support of the spouse, the freedom of spirit and the honest, pure and unconditional love!

Life is too short to be unhappy and to blame others for the choices we make. Get up and make decisions. Pull someone out of the rut. Foresee and attract your future. Its all in your hands.

Lets know the importance of each day and each moment that we are blessed with and make the most of it!


Togetherness Shot: A & R

Shot: A & R

Roseman Bridge

Love Happens...

Love Happens…

The Bridges of Madison County is the only book which has mesmerized me so much so that I have read everything available about Iowa, Middle River, Winterset, Des Moines and Madison County and all the covered bridges in Winterset. The book was casually brought home from DSOI library by Naom and she just threw it on my bed saying its a good one, since you love “Love Stories”. I never knew the impact of the book would have on me until I finished it reading it in flat 2 days. Then somehow, over the weekend I downloaded the movie and saw it on my desktop. I cried my eyes out…and Francesca and Robert have never left my mind ever since.

This was way back in 2011 and I had just met my guy. We had just began dating and the realities bit me hard. The attraction and connection with him were challenging my conscious and my heart was saying something totally opposite of what was shown in the movie/book. Probably that was the reason why I got so overwhelmed by this book. I was in a dilemma about being right and wrong at the same time.

“The Bridges of Madison County” is about two people who find the promise of perfect personal happiness, and understand, with sadness and acceptance, that the most important things in life are not always about making yourself happy.

The story  is set in a country side in the town of Winterset, Iowa ,where the farmers grow Corn in their fields.Their lives are monotonous and based around agriculture and some farm events round the year. Francesca is an Italian woman, who met her then future husband ,an american World war II soldier in Italy. They fall in love, get married and eventually, John brings her to his ancestral farmhouse in Iowa. The main characters Francesca and Robert are brought to life on screen by Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood.

Such a story could so easily been gross and untasteful , could be reduced to obvious elements of seduction, sex and melodramatic parting. Streep and Eastwood weave a spell, and it is based on that particular knowledge of love and self that comes with middle age.Older ones do not declare themselves. Unlike their younger counterparts, the pair exercise restrain and wisdom. Particularly Francesca ,to save her family the shame that they may have to face in their small town where everyone knows who is having an affair with whom. Also there is a moment in the movie when Francesca tells Robert that if they decide to spend the rest of their lives together then their lives would return to the same old mundane things and they would never realize the love that they have or felt for each other. The only way to treasure their love was to stay apart rest of their lives so that they can hold onto that love for each other forever. What a beautiful thing to feel!

Richard and Francesca are not falling in love with each other exactly, but with the idea of their love, with what Richard calls “certainty.”

Clint Eastwood made the film from the point of view of Francesca. Her loneliness, her dreams, her desires, her frustrations, her day to day routine, her decisions and her life. After the success of the book, no one ever thought the movie will have more impact than the book but it did. It showed emotions of two people experiencing love at an unlikely stage of their lives and how they cope up with it and pull on with their existence, rest of their lives. When Francesca receives Robert’s will , she comes to know his last wish. “To be under the same Roseman bridge where they came to know each other.” She too wishes her ashes to be sprayed under the same bridge in the Middle river so that after life they could be together.

Heart wrenching, mind blowing power of love written by Robert James Waller and legends of cinema, Streep and Eastwood casting a magical spell on screen!

Visiting the Francesca’s Farmhouse which is open to tourists in the season and the covered bridges of Madison County are pending items in my bucket when I visit US sometime next year. Iowa it is next summer…!



Pillow Talks

Pillow Talk - By A & R

Pillow Talk
By-A& R

Pillow Talk according to Wikipedia-

“Is the relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between partners after making love usually accompanied by cuddling, caresses, and other physical intimacy. It is associated with honesty, bonding and is basically non-sexual in nature.The content of pillow talk typically includes the stories and confessions, expressions of affection and appreciation and playful humor.”

Pillow talk, more broadly may also refer to conversations between parties that have an other than sexual relationship like a mother daughter duo meeting after a long gap, childhood friends meeting after years, cousins having a sleep-over weekend or just between friends after a long day before they roll off to a deep slumber!

“Pillow talk is conventionally seen as an opportunity for spies to obtain secret information from the enemy agent. Christine Keeler is said to have used this approach in the Cold War-era.”

Its a pleasant talk we have before the slumber.It eases your mind , shows you how close are you to the other person and also how much you have to catch up on memories or current happenings in each other’s lives.Pillow talk with hubby is something very special. Its that cozy moment of the day that brings you closer without even realizing it. It may not necessarily occur after a love making session! Sometimes , its just the relaxed minds of the two individuals, when they have accomplished something that they were eagerly waiting for during that day or from several days. Nonetheless, its that pleasant time of the night when you have the abundant time to chat and there is no hurry to catch sleep. The two people open up because they are happy and relaxed in each other’s company. Its the best time to ask awkward questions and also the questions which need elaborate explanation.Over years now, lovers have been doing this conversation without the pillows over the cell phones! They make each other comfortable, spend time and talk everything under the sun- during their routine night phone calls! Undoubtedly this is Pillow Talk before they actually get to do it in literal sense!

Here’s to pleasant times with friends, cousins, mothers, siblings and partners!


Love Cushion By - A& R

Love Cushion
By – A & R

Color Me Red

Red for love

Color of love

Red is the color of blood and it is also associated with passion, anger , love and joy. The word is derived from old English word- read.On my guy’s birthday , I love to give him a bouquet of atleast 50 red roses along with a huge chocolate cake, his dimpled smile makes my day !

Indeed its my favorite color. The earliest memories of red is a frilly dress that Mom got for me when I was may be 3 or 4 years old. The memory of wearing that frock remained so vivid in my mind that I got one made on my 16th birthday! The color of a dress, bangles, a Saree, a pair of bellies, a scarf, a woolen cap, a hat, a cardinal, vermilion, the current nail polish that I’m wearing, color of a magnificent sunset…..there are countless reds which fascinate me every single day.

A red dress

A red baby dress

There are than a dozen shades of the color.Blood red, blush, brick, burgundy, carmine, China red (like vermilion), cinnabar (like vermilion), Crimson, fire engine red, flame, Indian red, madder, maroon, rose, rouge, ruby, russet (a reddish brown), rust (a reddish brown), Scarlet, tomato, Venetian red, Vermilion etc.

Mmm sweet red cherries!

Mmm sweet red cherries!

Red is hot. Red is warm,Red is sexy, Red is passion and love. It’s a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. Red is Cupid and  also the Devil. Red is the color of curries in the state of Maharashtra (particularly in Kolhapur region) in India. Red is also the color of apples, strawberries and Chillis which are amazing source of vitamins.


Red hot Chilli Repper!

Red is the most frequent color that I have in my wardrobe.Loads of dresses, Sarees, shirts, tops, skirts , scarfs, caps and even a blazer…you name it and I have it!. Particularly fond of red shoes, I have atleast 2 pairs of them at any given time!

Red Stilettos

Red Stilettos

Its amazing to see the spread of red color on a setting sky. The sun starts from being orange to pink and peach and red. The best view is by sea side which I enjoy during our annual vacation to Goa, a western beach country side in India. I feel amazed for those 7 minutes when I watch the colorful red sky from my balcony every evening. It is an irreplaceable experience to be with these bursts of colors of the setting sun .


Sunset Red

Color me Red…..Anytime!

Red is the color!

Red is the color!

Birthday-13th October

Happy birthday! Caught & Shot- A & R

Happy birthday!
Caught & Shot- A & R

This time it was a very simple birthday celebration for Ani. Me on a strict preggers diet , we just had a nice dinner at a quiet place and followed it up some lovely pastries.Life has been calmer and more settled since last one year and more so since last one month since we tied the knot.

I remember how a couple of years back I would get jittery during Ani’s birthday time. Planning for an elaborate cake , a huge bouquet and a gift would be some of the few things on my list and of course I would worry if he would be able to spend his special day with me or his family or would he be forced to be somewhere else by his ex. Well out of last  4 years that we are together, this was the 2nd time that we celebrated it together. But Ani makes sure that he flies to be with me wherever he is during my birthday…..after all birthday is a special day and we are supposed to make it more special for our loved ones.

I plan to celebrate his next birthday with a great party with his friends and of course we will be joined by our little munchkin by then and it will be anyways a special one!

So happy 35th birthday and  here’s for a great life ahead honey! Sorry could not make it big this time but will sure make it up next year!

That Baby Bump!

Baby bump! Caught by- Ani

Baby bump!
Caught by- Ani

Its 20 weeks and Ani was waiting to capture this moment in time. He chose his birthday to be that day when he froze the moment forever.

After the birthday dinner and the cake cutting ceremony, Ani called in for the shots from various angles! Rose happily posing for him and for their child who would love to see how his mom and dad were excited for having him with them!

This one is for keeps…!

Love, Cheers!

Paradise found

Paradise Caught & Shot- A&R

Caught & Shot- A&R

We live in a city in southern part of India.Its been a year for me here but for Ani its almost 7 years. In between he stayed in Mumbai for 2 years. He liked staying in Mumbai while being a Bachelor but the later 2 years’ stay there took a toll on his health.

From that perspective, Hyderabad was a much quieter place. Less polluted, less traffic and he was not travelling out of the city as well as inside the city too.

Last fall , when I touched down Hyderabad, the weather was pleasant and it seemed that it had rained a day before. Quite unlike from the northern parts of India from where I belonged.Cool breeze and cloudy sky of the city welcomed me, which would be my abode for next one year to come.

The chirping sparrows at home sang sweet songs upon my arrival. I gave them some grains to eat before I settled upon cleaning the house.In a weeks time, the floor shined and the window panes sparkled. The House smelled of fresh floral sprays and the kitchen was made operational. Though I hardly felt like cooking anything for me but the hearth made me feel it was my home. Ani would not be home before one month and I needed to occupy myself with something or other.

My days started at 5.30 am with an hour long morning walk. I loved to see the rising sun everyday as I started my day. The singing birds, the cool breeze and the various hues of radiant sun falling onto the eastern sky would lit up my soul. I thought about sharing these beautiful morning walks with my Ani one day. It felt like a long time but finally that day came when we would take those morning and evening walks together. Chatting all along and sharing fun times and hence making memories forever.

Its been close to a year now and we have enjoyed every bit of this city for its cuisines, laid back attitude, pleasant weather and other miscellaneous things it has to offer. Clearly it has been a paradise we had been waiting for all our lives!





In search of Love... Caught & Shot- A & R

In search of Love…
Caught & Shot- A & R

Being a man is a tough job. You are supposed to show everyone that you won’t break, you won’t falter and you won’t ditch.

Andy had to hide his emotions lest he is ridiculed or humiliated. He chose to be quiet during his one year ordeal and never missed a chance to stay out of the house. It was the most difficult year of his life. This was their first year of marriage which he had always looked forward to since last 7 years or say 5 years to be precise. Initial 2 years of their knowing each other he never thought of her as his future girl. The marriage, he thought would make things easier for them as a couple and let settle them down at one place. Since last 7 years of knowing each other, initial 5 years they had been living apart in different cities.

Now after 3 years of that eventful and fateful day of his life, he has forgotten the entire hullabaloo around it. After a chance meeting on an internet chat room, they had been in touch. Initially they chatted once in a week later it would become more frequent. Internet cafe was the only resource for their communication and it was tough going to one after the college classes were over. His other friends would have their share of girls and he would feel isolated and left alone at times. Chatting with her quite made up for it. After 2 years being in touch online he thought may be this was the girl. He was 24 , just out of Engineering college and off to a job in a state further north. he proposed , she point blank rejected. He was left shell-shocked, as through her chats she seemed to be enjoying his attention. Girls never know their mind and are always confused, he realized. It was a waste of time and energy, he concluded. He conveniently forgot her for next almost 2 years while he got busy at his first job. New people, new place, new surroundings and new friends made up for his free evenings. He enjoyed trying new cuisines and sometimes chatting with random people on internet.

Andy had almost forgot her when one fine day suddenly out of the blue he received a mail from her. She wanted to start the friendship again. “I thought over it and realized I too am in love with you and you are the one for me.” she had said. His mind was clouded with thoughts now. How can someone get back after 2 years of thinking, what has she been thinking….he wondered. Anyways he said okay and that he will give it a try. It was not long before that they started chatting and bonded again. Next three years of courtship were mostly through emails and chats and an occasional call on the weekend. After 2 years on the job Andy decide to do his MBA. Mumbai was his favorite city , he had spent his college days here.  Andy was back here in a prestigious campus of the country to finish his Masters. She was still in another city and had started working as she finished her studies.

After 3 years of online courtship and finishing his Masters, Andy took up a job in her city. It was a conscious decision on his part as the relationship was going no where due to long distance courtship and Andy wanted to give it as serious try.  Andy always believed in giving 100% in whatever he took up for himself. This time it was a relationship and he wanted to know if there was a lag from his side for not feeling fulfilled. As Andy  reached her city and joined his new work, he felt a certain relief.

Andy was not comfortable staying in a rented place as he had to share his house with room mates. That made him shift his house 3 times in a year and finally it was a good locality with public transport system to his workplace. They kept meeting on weekends to have dinners or coffee. Andy was getting to know her. She seemed to be an independent-minded spoilt brat who would hardly listen to what he had to say. She grew up doing her own things without knowing what it takes to be with another person especially in a relationship. To Andy she seemed like a totally different person than what she was on their email conversation in last 5 years. But Andy could not gather if he was wholly correct or was just making a hasty opinion. He thought to give the relationship some more time to grow lest he breaks it up by his hasty fore-sightedness.

2 more years flew by. She had informed her folks by now about him. He too had informed at his place. The parents seemed not to agree due to caste and religious differences but they decided to go ahead. After a while , Andy visited her place, her parents agreed to their only daughter’s demand. “him or no one” , she had said. Before they realized it was year 2009 and they had got married in a hurry. Andy had changed his job from her city to the same place where he worked in his first job. This place was better than her city, he had realized. After the marriage they continued staying apart in different cities until a few months when Andy joined back another job at Mumbai again. He asked her to join her there. They began by taking up a good 2 bedroom apartment on rent. Life was cozy for her as she had left her job and had become a full time homemaker. This was year beginning the year 2010.

Slowly and steadily the cracks in the relationship started to appear. Andy had a demanding job and he would not be back home before 11 pm. It stressed him out and he more often than not, took it out on her. She too got frustrated of loneliness and his bickering at the end of the day when he was back from work. The incompatibility started to show its ugly face. Andy would not get dinner as she would be too busy studying for some entrance exam or because she would be busy watching movies for her blog or meeting her friends. Every other day they would order food from outside and this made Andy even more unhappy. He always liked home made food and this was time after working in different cities, that he would want to eat home made food. Coming from a different cultural background, she would prepare some strange dishes every now and then and Andy would again have to resort to outside catering.

One year had passed by and this was beginning of the year 2011, Andy was dissatisfied with her, the circumstances and overall the marriage. He knew he had made a wrong decision and that he should have listened to his heart years before when he had taken that new job at her place. She too was frustrated and made a couple of trips to her parents place to relieve herself of the agonies. In her absence Andy started making new friends on internet. He realized talking to strangers was a better option than talking to her. She was loud, quarrelsome and irritating most of times. She never took him seriously and did her own thing. Andy realised, this woman was not made to be in a relationship he concluded. It was a year and a half since they got married.

Andy looked out for a change his job one more time. This time he made sure he took up a travelling job which would make him travel all around the world. . Andy flew out of the country for good. Meanwhile, his wife took to complete her studies. This was a better option than to work, she thought. She could finish her doctorate in next three years while he keeps travelling. What she didn’t realize was that Andy had taken that final flight away from her and from his hopelessly passionless marriage. Andy started dating new people while he was on these trips abroad while she hopelessly tried to kept in touch. Initially Andy would call her from abroad and also before he landed but then he kept reducing all such communications with her. It became one odd call a week or just before touching down back again.

She seemed to be completely engrossed in planning her studies but she seemed to get an intuition that something was wrong somewhere. Several times she tried to ask him if he was okay . When she didn’t get any clues from his side, she chose to brush off her doubts and got back to her studies again. She faltered for the second time.

Andy changed his job again in year 2011 March. This time he got a lucrative offer in her city.  Back then when they were dating there ,he had even purchased a house there to make their life easier. This time the job was a high income one. This time Andy decided to live apart from her in his own house. She was not happy but she could not help it. It was one year into her fellowship program and she refused to leave it to join him. She faltered again.

Andy was sent to Singapore for a work assignment of 4 months. He came back and joined another assignment at another city. He consciously chose not to visit her and kept himself busy in work. They would meet only once or twice in that year 2011 at his parents place. Several times she would force herself into his hotel room without his consent. She also forced him to stay with her in their house once. he became even more averse to her once she tried to commit suicide by popping some odd pills.  She faltered one last time.

One month into this new project at this new city, Andy met a girl on a dating site. It was Aug 2011. The day they met,his life changed for better.

Cut back to present ….Its been 3 years and Andy is happily married to her. Andy does not remember his past. Nor does she lets him. But sometimes a stray thought comes onto his mind….he had wasted 7 years of his life for a good for nothing woman. How does one trust a relationship? There is no way except to live in together for sometime. That’s what they had done. They lived together day in and day out for last 3 years till they became inseparable!

Life is a gamble he thought, one time he lost and this time he has won the Power-ball!

His Girl Caught & Shot- Andy

His Girl
Caught & Shot- Andy

Its only fair, he knows.

House no. 6

House no. 6

House no. 6

A house is made up of bricks and woods. It needs love and affection to make it a home. House no.6 was one such home of Rosie and Andy. Set among st serene locality and surrounded by huge trees with chirping birds around. Occasionally I could hear afternoon calls of some crows too!

Right from the airport till they reached the house ,Rosie was astonished at the beauty of the country. It was her dream to see this country and Andy had made it come true. After a 30 minute drive up and down flyovers via US-101 north and driving through San Bruno, Millbrae and Burlingame they reached their destination. Andy dropped her at the reception and went to unload the baggage from the car. Her name was then registered as a resident of the complex and their she was….watching the open skies, the trees, the birds and the house that awaited her. House no.6 would be their haven for atleast next 6 months.

As Rosie stepped climbed onto the stairs of the house she was thrilled and excited.A warm room waited for her which included a living room with a huge couch and a study corner. A kitchenette with all facilities like washer and a huge refrigerator. The bedroom was awesome with beautiful paintings on the walls and lamps which shed light on the bed and adjoining areas quite appropriately.

A quick lunch of paratha’s and palak paneer waited for her on the kitchen table. After a quick lunch ,Andy rushed back to work after briefing her about the house amongst other things. He would be back only at 6 pm now. Rosie tried taking a nap but could not as she was too excited to be in her dream country with her man of dreams. It was all there in real….she pinched herself and settled herself into the couch to switched on the tv.

Next few weeks and months would contain lot of outings, treks, dinning out trying world cuisines, picnics at hill tops, movies, pub hopping and visits to clubhouse for swimming and gymming every weekday evenings. But most of her daytime would be spent in this house no. 6.  In the afternoons Rosie would go out for walks inside the campus watching the flowers and squirrels. She would sometime visit the nearby coffee shop and spend her evening besides a lake watching the birds and ducks in the water. Sometimes Andy would join her for that coffee and make it even a more lovely evening. But she would rush back to the comfort of the house which had slowly become their home. It was cozy, comfortable and warm. Before they could realize it inspired both Rosie and Andy to dream of living together rest of their lives.

A year and a half later Rosie and Andy have their own nest. They thank House no. 6 for all that it taught them. To be together always, to share, to love and respect each other , to enjoy each and every moment of life and to stand by your partner no matter what….to be precise.

Home is where the Heart is

Home Sweet Home (Caught & Shot- A & R)

Home Sweet Home
(Caught & Shot- A & R)

Year 2012. August.

As Ria stepped out of RGIA, her eyes were searching for him. He was waiting to pick her up just outside the visitor’s lounge at the airport. This was her first visit to him and third to the city. As they hugged each other , he said ,” baby…see you are in hyderabad….!” His voice was full of love and admiration for her strength and passion.

As they got into the cab towards the the city Ria was wondering if he is going to put her up in a hotel or would he have enough courage to take her to his home. For he was still married to his (now ex)wife. It was about an hour before she could guess that he is indeed taking her to his place. She was happy for this was one of the big milestones for him. He was reeling under so much stress about how to reveal his thoughts on breaking up his marriage to his wife of 3 years with whom he could stay only for a year and a half. Ria was more than happy to see his courage and determination to keep her with him. It was a small battle in the big picture nonetheless he had won it!

Upon entering the gates of the premises, Ria closely examined that it was a decent locality in a neat suburb. Would she ever be living here with him? Will it ever become their home? It was a dream she had seen , that was happening in real already. She held onto her thoughts and prayed hard as she entered inside his house. A warm hug again and he made her more comfortable .

After resting for a while , she made a trip around the house.It was a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 beautiful balconies opening up on two different sides of the building. In the other room, there lay a picture of their wedding with 2 different gods. Ironically , the relationship needed empathy, compatibility, mutual respect and love instead of physical layout of gods and wedding pictures. Ria wrapped up the wedding picture frame and put it inside a carton. She mentioned it to him and he was fine with it. She also removed the picture of the other god. Seemed a little silly but it was okay she thought. You don’t need several gods to have peace of mind, you need clarity of mind and love to sustain a relationship for life.

During the next 10 days, Ria cleaned up the kitchen, steered up the mess in the house and cooked several meals for them. He was happy and that reflected on his behavior. He took an off from work for these days and took her out to several famous joints in the city.

All this while staying here, Ria felt like it was her home.  All things felt familiar. The bed, the bath, the living room, the kitchen, the balconies….all seemed her own, She felt like she had been living here since ages…! How could this be? This was the first time she had stepped onto this house ! Then Ria realized, it was her heart that instantly felt a belonging to this house and she had always listened to her heart! Her love-lorn  heart screamed, ” Im happy….this is where I belong to….” Someone rightly said, “Home is where the heart is”. That your true home is with the person you love the most. But here for Ria , it was a home both in real and in cliched terms.

Year 2014, September

Two years hence , they are married and living the lives of their dreams. When Ria looks back at the past, it seems her heart always knew what was in store for her. They are happy and content and look forward for weaving more beautiful dreams together in this house where there hearts belong!

2 (2)

The Wedding Vow

The Vow

The Vow

…..and he promised to love her all his life. Overwhelmed and soaking up in the moment she was left speechless….

Perfect beginning to…..” Happily ever after….”


Cheers !

Three Years Anniversary

Love @ Reno (caught & shot- A kind stranger)

Love @ Reno (caught & shot- A kind stranger)

Three years…

It was the 3rd day of September 2011, when a distraught Ria had finally decided to meet this guy who was a stranger back then. Since they got acquainted a couple of months back , he had been coaxing her to have coffee with him. She had been putting it off on the pretext of something  or other. It did’nt seem to be okay to see someone who was a complete stranger and from another city. Though she had been trying to know everything about him over their daily phone calls, late night conversation on chats and messages, but it was long before she was be convinced about that coffee invite.

“Afternoon cup of tea”, she said.

” Come and have lunch with me…” , He offered.

“Hmmm…okay, but I will have to rush back home early “, she said.

“I will drop you home”, he offered.

And as they say….rest is history!

It was a hot and sultry afternoon of the capital when she took an off from work to catch the metro straight to the place he stayed in. He kept in touch on that entire journey of 40 minutes and called before she had to change her metro.After a few confusions at the meeting point, finally they saw each other under a tree just outside the metro stairs. He was a simple and cute looking guy. A bit nervous but containing himself altogether! Of course they enjoyed that lunch together and ever other day that was spent thereafter. She would come down rushing to see him everyday and after spending a few hours together he would drop her back home everyday. It became a routine until they decided that she could probably stay with him over the weekends. The bond developed into a tight one and they became inseparable after only a couple of months.

Its been exactly three years hence.  There were loads of ups and downs in their lives due to their previous engagements  with different people but they remained together each day and each night- mentally, emotionally and physically. They are going strong and are planning a simple wedding soon!

Time to celebrate the 3rd anniversary and togetherness. Cheers!


A New Arrival

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

It was 3 years that Ria and Rahul were together. Several times they had talked about starting a family together. Ria was more keen for it because Rahul always was a hardworking busy guy. She asked him how important it was for him to start a family of his own. He would say, there is no urgency and that even if they don’t have a kid, he is fine.If required they can think about it later and go for adoption too. Ria wanted to give herself a chance on motherhood. She thought , nothing can beat having a kid together…it would be the best gift she could give it to him. Rahul seemed to be more worried about the responsibilities and other things which may come with the baby.

But then, he succumbed! Ria told him she wanted to give it a chance this year. It was the summer of 2014 that they conceived the baby. The perfectionist that Rahul is, he is busy taking care of Ria : Mom-to-be of his child! He is a changed person now and takes out time to talk to his baby too!

Ria is happy that she talked him into this….as she can see him happy too , looking forward for the arrival of their own child into this world!

There is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved or turned around. Ria says…

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

Baby pics sent by Rahul to Ria!

Summer of love- 2014

Summer officially Captured by A & R

Summer officially
Captured by A & R

“I love you honey” ,

“Hmm love you baby”…

It was always Ria who initiated the sweet nothings….but Rahul always replied it with a sweeter nothing! Does it really matter who says it first. Its more important that they acknowledge your declaration and confirm it with a yes and that makes it worthwhile! Rahul has always been a quiet  computer nerdy guy. Its not that he is not passionate about things, places, happenings or love….its just that he would not express it like the way Ria does. She would conclude ,men need not behave in a similar fashion.

She would also pay attention to Rahul’s actions. Like those several phone calls he would make while at work from office, especially to check if she has eaten, inquiring where is she and what is it that she is doing, if she is not sitting with him on the couch while he is working, holding her into a tight hug from back while she is at the kitchen counter, scrubbing her back while showering and giving her relaxing weekend massages, finding a quick solution to her issues if she is stuck with something at work or otherwise….

Ria happily takes these clues from Rahul everyday and promises to love him more than ever.

Some people may not conform to being idealists but its always wise to know them from their point of view. Life is a sweet thing when you look through it with a rose-tinted glass mirror !

Cheers to life, love and happiness. All within you, emanates from you and makes it joyous for everyone around you!




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