Murder AT Delphi

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I have been wanting to write my thoughts on this horrific incident which happened a couple of months ago at Delphi, a small town about 70miles away from Indianapolis. For some reason, this case really “grabbed me”.

Two teenage girls, 12, and 13 decide to go for an evening hike when their school is off for a day. The girls are dropped off near Monon High Bridge (An abandoned railroad bridge active from 1897-1956) at around noon by a relative and a time is fixed for picking them up later in the day. The girls do not show up at the designated time and are informed to police as missing by dusk. Their bodies are found next day less than a mile from the bridge on a private property, in the park.

Interestingly, in one of the girls phone , a video is found which is later identified to be of the suspect. So now, police has a picture and a video/voice of the suspect. The girl who was brave enough to capture the video is dead but the killer is still at large.Not many cases where they have voice and a picture but after about more than 1000 tips and the reward money going above $100,000 , this seems absolutely scary that the killer is out and about in public even now.

NB- Above picture was taken by one of the victims from her phone.

One of the other reasons , why this news caught my attention is how police has been dealing with it, its been more than 3 months, they have not released any information as to what were the cause and nature of injury to the girls or for that matter whether they have been sexual or non-sexual in nature. I cannot help thinking about this news item, if it had happened in India!

While , I keep the little girls in my prayers, I learn a valuable lesson- Never ever leave your child alone.

No, there is nothing called a ‘Safe Place’.There never was.

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NB- Latest picture sketch released by Police in July 2017



Shot by- AR

Shot by- AR

The first thoughts which come along in the mind with the word is a flickering candle or a lamp flame. In a dark night , just one flame is enough to lit up the room, to get everything done from cooking to reading. When I was young, I clearly remember studying in kerosene lamps whenever there was an outage , which was more than often but we never complained.

With the invention of inverters and generators,the usage of candles and lamps became less frequent. I don’t remember the time when it became a fashion to have candle lit dinners. Candles and their small yet meaningful flames lit across Jantar Mantar around the time when ‘Rang De Basanti’ was released. If I remember correctly, this trend started only after the film had a similar sequence. For every single time when people wanted to voice their opinion against the system, Jantar Mantar would be lit up in candle flames. Whether the issue was resolved or not , the mass had a way for their say.

Candles remind me of certain Diwali nights when diyas would get over or the oil would all be consumed before the night, when I opened a pack of them and put them across all windows and doors. They are less messy than diyas for sure. Birthdays are another occasions when you hunt for candles and blowing them in a room filled with lots of noisy friends and guests, hold special memories.

In terms of people, flames are always referred to ex! May be because , flames extinguish too fast. Although ex-flame always refers to an interesting, torrid and passionate affair even when it is remembered in a past tense!

The other flames that warm the heart and the entire surroundings are the ones that burn in the fireplaces during winters. Winters that are colder than a 1 degree or even lesser. I could understand the concept of a fireplace only in Shillong where each of the room has one and it has to be lit in the evening if one does not want to shiver in cold all through the night. Since India does not have the system of centralized cooling or heating, the indigenous methods like fireplaces work efficiently in colder places.

Last but not the least, each of the 10 evenings spent in Goa , 2 years back, were worth every single penny I spent on that trip. Thanks to the candle lit evenings which started as early as 6pm and carried on until mid-nights. Those wonderful nights are the one of the few extraordinary moments, I would wish to get  back to again and again…..and again!

Goa- 2014

Goa- 2014





Sorry….Its not so hard

Small word but the most powerful one to make or break relationships, personal or professional. One word ,which if you genuinely feel , would change you forever towards some event or person or you.

Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we don’t, in either case when things go wrong one of the persons need to step back so that the relationship is not damaged. Most of us are caught up in out sweet little ego trips and are unable to render an apology, whether or not it is due. Over  a period of time and experience I have also realized that people forgive and forget easily if you apologize even when it was their mistake. Most of the times , its our ego which stops us from bending down but then why not if the person is an integral part of our life.

Sometimes I do remember the people I have lost because I burnt the bridges after crossing them. At times I miss them and wished I had apologized , they would have still been there in my life….

Life is short and crisp….no time for any ego trips really, lets just try to hold all the good people rest of our lives.

sorry handwritten


Erased Memories

Google Images

Google Images

Year 2002 to 2009 :I had a lot of wonderful memories of this city. This city, which was my home away from home for more than 7 years .Having left my home just after school was very unnerving. But before I could know, I was doing my graduation, post-graduation and M.Phil in this city. Hyderabad started to feel like home also because I met my guy here. Although we had met online, it felt like we had met in this city. After I finished my M.Phil, I picked up my first job here. My boyfriend studied in another city and he would come to see me every once in a while and we would spend some good time around the city, eating, watching movies and just seeing places around the city. I still remember my Mom and dad had come to drop me when I was just 18 and now 7 years down the lane, I was on my own. I had made some good friends here during my college days and later when I was working. Some of the most important memories of my life have been made in this city. I learned to cook, travel and be all by myself in this city. I learned to love ,write letters/mails and read in this city. I learned to be independent in this city.

Year 2010 :Fast forward 1 more year. I had a perfect life.Married to my boyfriend, I was now living in a metro and was pursuing my doctorate from a prestigious university, had made lots of friends, had a husband with a decent job, a lovely all-furnished flat and ample time to write and visit restaurants to write reviews of the food I ate. The humid weather and travel time to university was a bit cumbersome but nonetheless I enjoyed it because for a moment in life I had everything. I realized, I didn’t miss my city as much now.

Year 2013: It was when my marriage broke down and my husband left me for another city, that my world came crashing down. Suddenly I was all alone in a new city again. It felt like I was once again a 18 year old, left in a new city to fend for myself, study and live my life all by myself. After 2 years of living in another city and country when my husband finally told me that he wanted a divorce, I sat in the shower for long. My mind raced back to the memories of Hyderabad where I had met him for the first time. All the lovely memories I had of that city including my college days came flashing in front of my eyes. They were fond memories and I had spent about 10 years of my life there.

Year 2016 : Fast forward 3 more years. I hate the city that I grew up now. I cannot stand if someone even mentions the name of it. I have tried chucking out that part of my life from my memories. 10 years is not a small time to forget but I could not live with those bitter memories anymore. It is strange how the fondest memories of a city can turn so indifferent now. It is strange how a city can take half of your life and then gives you so much pain in return.

I cannot forget this place even though I hate it so much now.Life is a quicksand, I was not prepared for it.
Lesson learnt: Appreciate what you have for you may lose it anytime.

PS- Purely fictional work, any resemblance to anybody living or dear is purely coincidental!

Google images

Google images

Movie Review- Sarabjit

Dalbir Kaur- Sarbjit's sister

                           Dalbir Kaur- Sarbjit’s sister

Sarbjit: A tale of an unlucky lad who spent 23 prime years of his life imprisoned in a dingy 4×4 ft prison cell in Pakistan,of how siblings can put up a resilient fight for each other, how even after almost 70 years of independence we do not have any system in place, whatsoever and most importantly a tale of hope when there is none.
Randeep Hooda manages to steal the show.The movie should have had Sarbjit as the central character instead it is Dalbir Kaur, his sister. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Dalbir is a failure, she could not get into the skin of the character till the end. She does not have the look and the body language of a Sardarni from rural Punjab, but her effort to get there becomes so distracting that it eclipses almost everything else in the film.The entire project seems to be designed to ensure that no one overshadows her, which is self-defeating for a movie!
Hooda sparkles amongst all this and lets us forget that he is only acting. Richa Chadha as Sarabjit’s wife is a mute character throughout but in the only scene where she is allowed a dialogue, she shines brilliantly. Darshan Kumaar is the fresh breath of Bollywood.He does his minuscule job perfectly as Sarbjit’s lawyer in Pakistan.
Overall, Omung Kumar has only done the job of telling the story of one person and it is not good enough to do anything for the release of the rest 400 odd prisoners still in Pakistan.
Lastly, Aishwarya Rai should do only Cannes and Bollywood should give more power to real actors. Predicting next nationals for Randeep (and Richa hopefully)!
Watch it for Sarbjit, the lost soul.


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T for Tea

t1 (1)

Name :Camellia sinensis

Common name: Tea

Types of Tea- White, Yellow, Green, Oolong and Black.

5 significant components of tea:

  1. Essential Oils = aroma
  2. Polyphenols = antioxidants
  3. Phytonutrients = vitamins, minerals, amino acids
  4. Enzymes = promote tea leaf oxidation
  5. Methylxanthines = stimulants and muscle relaxants (Caffeine, Theophylline, Theobromine)

t1 (2)

Benefits of Drinking Tea :

  • Tea (Black and Green) contains important antioxidants. These phytonutrients may contribute substantially to the promotion of health and the prevention of chronic disease.
  • Compounds in tea other than flavonoids support the human immune system.
  • Preliminary research suggests that drinking tea may have effects on body weight, fat accumulation and insulin activity.

So much so for the knowledge, we should be thankful to the British who had the foresight to introduce the tea plant in our country and build the whole ecosytem of growing up tea in Assam.  The laborers are specific for this task and they were brought from Orissa from a special tribe to work in Assam. They were trained and rehabilitated in Assam about 200 years back. These people, over a period of time have become an important part of culture of Assam. No other people can replace them literally.

t3 (2)

Who does not like to drink it in some form or other. Its a refreshing drink when mixed with ice and lemon, a morning drink with milk and cardamom, green tea can be sipped throughout the whole day while at work and black tea to keep the sleep at bay. Now a days you will also find fruit flavored tea which is popular in middle eastern countries like Turkey. The kind of tea we get in India is special-Milk and cardamom or ginger.This is rarely taken in any part of the world but that is my favorite.

Having done my major in Tea Science while my graduation, I feel relieved that I could write atleast these few words on tea!I only wish if I could have worked on my specialized subject someday…!Anyway…a cup of tea to go back to humid and warm tea gardens where once I did my practical classes!

 t3 (1)

I for Ice cream


This post is for the crazy times I had while I carried my baby. While he is a toddler now, I still get those sweet-hunger-pangs every now and then. But now I cannot call them crazy!!

I remember finishing a half kilo icecream brick all by myself. I used to start my day with a gujiya or motichur laddu with tea. My poor husband would keep the refills ready lest I would have to go without sweet early in the morning and get cranky. And then during my 5th month of pregnancy , my blood test revealed I had high sugar levels. Well….that was a shocking news more so because I was prohibited from eating any kind of sweets and was put on a low-carb-high protein diet with less oil. It was a tough next 4 months thereafter but I made up after the baby was born because my blood sugar levels became perfect then.

I remember taking my husband along with the baby to icecream parlors every month. Though I got rid of pre-diabetes but I still could not indulge very often. I realised how sensitive our bodies are and how much we take it for granted. We almost abuse it until we face a health hazard!

I still eat ice creams but only once in a while and I do not forget to tell people that if you have sweet tooth, get your blood sugar done. Craving for more sugar is a sign for pre-diabetes. Stay healthy, stay fit 🙂



D for deja Vu


Its that eerie feeling you get where you know, you’ve lived that moment before, but logic defies you…!

Déjà Vu is an expression derived from the French, meaning “already seen”. When it occurs, it reminds us of a place, person or an activity we have already experienced before. At times, it feels as if its a moment from our past life and at others as if we have already seen that sequence in our dreams before. None of these theories have any backing though.


To first understand how déjà vu might have something to do with our memory, we need to understand how our memory works.

I have read that our brain is thought to have two memory systems- Short term memory and Long term Memory. The former has a limited capacity and processes incoming sensory information from surroundings. Information in Short term memory is erased fast unless transferred to Long term memory for storage.


Our new experiences are processed by Short-term memory and transferred into Long-term memory depending upon its importance and impact on our heart and mind. So it seems that our Long term memory has an infinite capacity for information and is used to store knowledge of events that shape our lives and can be recalled in detail later.


Though not fully proven, it is believed that déjà vu is down to a communication issue between Short term and Long term memory, like a circuit break. This theory indicates that the mismatch between knowing an event is new, but it feeling familiar, is because of sensory surrounding information is going straight into long term memory.This explains why a new experience can feel familiar, but not as substantial as a fully recalled memory.

To me this theory seems most logical and puts an end to the bizarre feeling I get, while being deja vu’ed!

So folks enjoy the glitch in the Matrix of our brains…

After all its just a short circuit and not anything paranormal 🙂





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