Dangal- Movie Review

Dangal- Movie Poster

Dangal- Movie Poster

That gut-wrenching soul-chilling scream of the father to his daughter when she is about to lose the qualifying match once again, will always echo in my mind.


And it is my take home message.

Though I do not identify with the gender stereotypes shown in the film because I come from a fairly gender neutral society but I realised how fortunate the girls from North East are. And that we should make the most of it (by pursuing our unconventional dreams and passions) because we do not have to fight with the society for the choices we make in our lives.

Since Aamir Khan competes only with himself, it was hard to pick any negatives from the film. I could only feel that this movie contradicts his earlier one ‘Three Idiots’ in terms of how much a parent should interfere in their children’s dreams for their future.

The newcomers have got the best of out of it, learning the art of perfection from the master himself. The charm, enthusiasm and freshness of the Fatima and Sanya will remain in people’s mind for long.To be able to portray the characters as wrestlers would not have been an easy task. It’s a treat to watch the passion and thrill in the girls’ eyes every time they are onscreen. I particularly liked the character of the cousin brother who sticks with them till the end and isn’t it lovely to have a brother who stands by you in all your fights.

Its normal for Aamir Khan to make a brilliant movie but what next…!

Ab Perfection ko kaise improve kiya jaye?


Movie Review :Udta Punjab

Google Images

Google Images

Udta Punjab : Shahid is his usual self, well-balanced in every act. He plays the role of a spoilt and narcissist popstar from the current generation and he sure rocks in it! Kareena lacks grit and intensity in a role that ironically, is the voice of the film. Diljit Dosanjh more than makes up for her and other loopholes of the film which are,of course just a few. Kickass performance by Alia as she shuts her critics up and gives a tight one across the faces of all the Morons who troll her for nut’s sake. She has undoubtedly got the legacy of her father in terms of understanding her character in this film. The otherwise sophisticated, Alia breaks out of her comfort zone and flaunts her prodigious potential. The impact of her powerhouse performance stays with you long after you leave the theatre.

The story is appallingly beautiful which is set in, apparently the most fertile, culturally rich Punjab, a state which can also boasts of the most hardworking people in India. The film shows how drug menace has seeped deep into the system and has sadly taken away generations of youth who, could have been the best entrepreneurs, farmland owners, businessmen or simply musicians. The movie shows how the pillars of the system who are supposed to take a state ahead have corroded it dangerously and how it has affected thousands of families in Punjab.

The Bombay High Court has done a marvelous job by letting us watch the movie, that is , the way it was made. Abhishek Chaubey has done a commendable job, again.

PS- An ASI has never looked as handsome ever 🙂

A 4 out of 5 and a must watch!!

Movie Review- Sarabjit

Dalbir Kaur- Sarbjit's sister

                           Dalbir Kaur- Sarbjit’s sister

Sarbjit: A tale of an unlucky lad who spent 23 prime years of his life imprisoned in a dingy 4×4 ft prison cell in Pakistan,of how siblings can put up a resilient fight for each other, how even after almost 70 years of independence we do not have any system in place, whatsoever and most importantly a tale of hope when there is none.
Randeep Hooda manages to steal the show.The movie should have had Sarbjit as the central character instead it is Dalbir Kaur, his sister. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Dalbir is a failure, she could not get into the skin of the character till the end. She does not have the look and the body language of a Sardarni from rural Punjab, but her effort to get there becomes so distracting that it eclipses almost everything else in the film.The entire project seems to be designed to ensure that no one overshadows her, which is self-defeating for a movie!
Hooda sparkles amongst all this and lets us forget that he is only acting. Richa Chadha as Sarabjit’s wife is a mute character throughout but in the only scene where she is allowed a dialogue, she shines brilliantly. Darshan Kumaar is the fresh breath of Bollywood.He does his minuscule job perfectly as Sarbjit’s lawyer in Pakistan.
Overall, Omung Kumar has only done the job of telling the story of one person and it is not good enough to do anything for the release of the rest 400 odd prisoners still in Pakistan.
Lastly, Aishwarya Rai should do only Cannes and Bollywood should give more power to real actors. Predicting next nationals for Randeep (and Richa hopefully)!
Watch it for Sarbjit, the lost soul.


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F for FAN- The Movie


Two things to watch out for- One, the crazy support parents give us for our insane wishes/demands. Second- Shahrukh being honest in showing his real self.
Audaciously playing a stubborn and unapologetic star who rejects a fan’s request to give him just 5 minutes of his life, he also lets everyone know that he has no qualms about dancing in billionaires’ weddings.Goes on to show the world how even more rich and powerful men treat him as they do. Clearly, when status and money gets into heads, you lose humility.
After many years, Shahrukh as Gaurav is quite fresh. There are times in the movies when logic is defied but I remind myself, its the closest Shahrukh has gotten onto doing real life stuff after Chak De, so just don’t think much. The regular, monotonous Shahrukh peeps in every once a while in the movie nonetheless, the younger, fresher himself keeps the thrill alive. A 3/5 for me.

PS- I aint a Shahrukh Khan fan because he refuses to acknowledge his responsibility for the society as a celebrity. But then he lives his life and I oughta live mine, as he says in the movie.  So who cares!

Fresh face to watch out for: Sachin’s daughter- Shreya Pilgaonkar


Movie Review- Interstellar




First things first…When you see this 3 hour long movie you realize what trash is being made in India and that Hollywood is light years ahead of us ! Though personally not fond of Sci-Fi movies, I went to see the usual Mathew McConaughey bringing a character to life and of course his lovable demeanor! It turned out to be an exhilarating experience.

The story is based in future where Mathew is a qualified NASA pilot but has taken up farming because the earth needs to produce more crops to feed people rather than engineers. He is chosen to travel to another galaxy in search of a sustainable planet through a wormhole near Saturn. The mission, till the end is not a very successful one, barring the crew’s experiences with extra-dimensional times of the other galaxies and other related lesser known facts about gravity. Mathew is forced to be left alone in the open universe only to be rescued by his daughter’s/ NASA successive mission, which she did by receiving data from her father through multidimensional times that he was experiencing in the other galaxy. The father-daughter duo meet after more than a 100 years have gone by on earth.While Mathew remains as young he was, when he left due to the relativity theory, his daughter is near the end of her life. Humans finally find a sustainable multidimensional-space near Saturn and are able to transfer and save people on earth.

My kids Naomi and Ocean quite appropriately briefed me to brush up my physics (Theory of Relativity and Dimensions) before hitting the theater and am glad that I sincerely followed their advice!

A Must-experience ride, about a thought-provoking and visually resplendent story with its perfect concepts of space and time.

Movie Review- Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny:

Quirky and unconventional , “Finding Fanny” is quite a bohemian moment for Bollywood. Revolving around a road trip, the movie is essentially a journey into the lives of the 5 pleasant characters.
Dimple plays the character of a self-obsessed , egoistic widow who hides a soft heart under her resilient exterior. Acting giants Pankaj Kapoor and Nasseeruddin are delightful as they portray the roles of an eccentric artist and a love-lorn, timid and old fashioned guy respectively.These people take the road trip to find “Fanny”- Nasser’s lost love and instead end up stumbling upon their own selves.
Deepika and Arjun play their parts just about convincingly but lack brilliance.
The plot is weak but the simplicity of the movie makes up for it.

The film is well shot with nice Goan background music. The movie breaks the stereotype cinema and goes on to carve its own niche. Everyone will have something to take back from the movie with the underlying message,
“Go for your passion”….whether you are an artist, or a love-lorn Romeo,or just a kind-hearted soul intending to lend a shoulder to anyone who has a broken heart.
“You just have to go for it….!”

Verdict- Subtle and sublime, the movie is to be understood from your perspective of life. If you are not a regular Masala-Karan Johar-Action packed-commercial movie buff….go for it!

Movie Review- Mary Kom

Mary Kom- The movie

Mary Kom- The movie

Bas khud ki sunta batein….Dil yeh ZIDDI hai….Mary Kom – Mainstream Bollywood producing a biopic on a living active legend from North East is a milestone in itself and Priyanka Chopra leaves no stone un-turned in making it a success it deserves.With Priyanka Chopra in her elements, it could not have gone wrong anyways. Her mighty performance has the power to hold the audience till the climax of the film.
Mary Kom shows strong and weak moments of being a girl in our country, even as Manipur as a state encourages its youth and produces world class sports talent year after year.
Its Mary’s journey from an humble beginning as the eldest daughter of a rice farmer to a state level boxer to eventually becoming the World Champion. A feisty , quick tempered yet emotional girl right from her school days, Mary is shown picking up fights whenever her ego is hurt.
Mary Kom wins 3 World Championships and then decides to get married to Onler, her beloved of 4 years while being at the top of her career. Its heart breaking to see how she misses her boxing career which she had nurtured, sacrificing everything in her life including her father. After having twins and a career break, with Onler’s encouragement, she returns to the ring and wins another 2 World Championships, which goes on to prove that if you determine to achieve something with grit and passion, nothing can stop you from getting it.
Losers sitting at Boxing Federation are shown the exact contribution they make to the sport and to the country in general.
The film goes on to inspire young generation sportsmen to overcome their hurdles in life and reach the zenith. I wish I could see a bit more of picturesque Manipur, nonetheless a Bollywood movie with a female protagonist from Northeast quite made up for it !

Verdict- A MUST WATCH. An excellent break from regular masala flicks Bollywood wastes money and talent on.

Mary Kom & PC

Mary Kom & PC





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