Everyone , sometime or other in their lives, have lived in denial. When it happens , for years we are not able to accept what we can actually see , hear  and feel. Mostly its a relationship. But it also could be about our attitude towards any other things and events because we kind of get used to them.We basically deny that the situation is happening to us even when our guts are screaming out about it.

How important is it to shed this attitude and not to lose that precious time of your life?  We do it out of insecurity, love , ignorance or because of habit or attitude that we find difficult to get rid of.

Should we not accept the facts that we can see and feel? Should we not waste our time and move on? Should we not try and change our attitude towards ourselves? Should we let it happen to us at all….the heart-break, the tears, the realization and eventual love-lost at some point or other?

Think about it…!



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