Small word , big responsibility , bigger repercussions if broken.

The only people who would carry on believing in us even when we break their trust, is immediate blood family. Rest everyone will, at the most will give you a second chance and then would either leave or chuck you out of their lives.

Trust is a huge virtue , being ‘true’ is the biggest portion of it. When young, we are being told to be truthful, honest and keep our promises. When we grow up, apart from these we also need to know the unspoken words and sentiments of the people we love, lest we hurt them unknowingly. This get complicated in today’s times.

A vast sea of promises, emotions and words play games between two people. It is up to the hard work of these people if they choose to go that extra mile to keep their friends, mates or partners happy. One of my friends casually mentioned a few years back, that its all about performance, professionally and personally too. Until then I had not known the value of the performance in personal life. I took all my relationships a bit casually and I didn’t know, I could work hard on it.

For me, all my relationships were equal and I didn’t treat anyone differently. I believed in equality but little did I know that each person is different and they ask for different things. Some need space, others security. Some are vocal about their feeling other are not and one need to know them better through their actions. Some would make you feel special and expect the same back, some would be just plain honest and simple, others would be diplomatic still be honest.

Trust in all cases cannot be broken, for it leads to a damage that cannot be mended ever. I still believe , if the core of our heart is honest and we make some extra effort to know the other person inside out, we would always see that thin line which we should not never cross.

Respect the trust that the other person has put on you. Leave before you have to break it.

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I for Ice cream


This post is for the crazy times I had while I carried my baby. While he is a toddler now, I still get those sweet-hunger-pangs every now and then. But now I cannot call them crazy!!

I remember finishing a half kilo icecream brick all by myself. I used to start my day with a gujiya or motichur laddu with tea. My poor husband would keep the refills ready lest I would have to go without sweet early in the morning and get cranky. And then during my 5th month of pregnancy , my blood test revealed I had high sugar levels. Well….that was a shocking news more so because I was prohibited from eating any kind of sweets and was put on a low-carb-high protein diet with less oil. It was a tough next 4 months thereafter but I made up after the baby was born because my blood sugar levels became perfect then.

I remember taking my husband along with the baby to icecream parlors every month. Though I got rid of pre-diabetes but I still could not indulge very often. I realised how sensitive our bodies are and how much we take it for granted. We almost abuse it until we face a health hazard!

I still eat ice creams but only once in a while and I do not forget to tell people that if you have sweet tooth, get your blood sugar done. Craving for more sugar is a sign for pre-diabetes. Stay healthy, stay fit 🙂



He and She


He loved spicy food and she loved non-veg. He loved romantic Bollywood numbers from the 70’s, she loved random stuff. He was fond of business news and she loved cricket. He valued family relationships outside the immediate family too, she was born and brought up in a nuclear family. He loved home made food because he had lived on ordered food for a long time, she loved to go out and very often because she gave food ratings on a regular basis for restaurants. He was a health freak, she loved to eat, read, sleep and repeat. They were poles apart in diversities yet they clicked. Or so they thought. Opposites do attract but not necessarily for longer periods in time.

They had met on internet when it was new. Just chat and mails in those times. They grew fond of each other over next 5 years. Little did they realized that the charm was superficial. It was mostly because they were still in college and were not committed to anyone else at that point in time. Coming from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, their relationship was doomed from day one. But they managed to overlook the red signals, defied their common sense and went against their families.

The marriage went kaput in just a couple of months. They realized it soon but they dragged it for a year somehow. She took a decision to pursue her studies instead and he took a travelling job and a transfer to another city.

Rest is history.

Lesson learnt from other’s mistake: Do not jump into a relationship just because you are single and never take your marriage for granted.


PS- He loved being with nature, she loved being inside her cozy room, reading and cooking!

Talent and A Hobby


Well…. undoubtedly it has to be playing with colors….that is, on a sheet of paper. The pleasure of watching the colors mix and match and create something new is eternally blissful to me.

Its been sometime now that I have held my brush and colors because the newest member of the house needs my undivided attention! But I did take up another hobby. Something that I just tried one fine day and since then it has kind of become a passion.


Crocheting. It is fulfilling and rewarding when I finish a project and it fits in correctly. Its fascinating to see my crochet basket full of various colored yarns and needles. Its amazing to know that I have the choice of picking up any beautiful color and start making something. Be it a cap, booties, sweater, baby blanket or a pair of cup cozies…. I have tried them all. I love the Adrenalin rush when I start a project and I cannot believe myself when the passion remains unruffled until the last day, when I finish it!


So from painting with oils and water I have moved on to crocheting….I cannot believe just a few years back I was manager, Customer Service for a leading Telecom group. The decision to quit work and travel with Ani was a quick yet conscious one. This gave me more time with my guy and of course I indulged in my hobbies more than ever. Playing with colors initially and now with colored yarns has a lot to do with my childhood. Painting was something I picked up when I was about 10 years and I saw mom knitting whenever she could get time from her job. Hence the transformation was not a difficult one.


Currently , I’m crocheting a granny square blanket and a dungaree for my baby. I’m wondering if I should crochet a sun-hat or an infinity scarf for myself one day. I consider my hobbies to be a talent because I can spend the whole day doing them and the project turns into a useful product!

My husband proposes that I should turn my hobbies into a business. Initially the idea was not appealing but now I think, why not create a business out of your hobby.


And work would never be boring then…!

Tenterhooks – Of things other than Love

Alltime Favorite

Alltime Favorite

“What are you cooking baby?” , asked Andy from his study.

“Dinner…”, answered Nina.

“The aroma is making me hungry, what is it that you are cooking?”  asked an even more eager Andy.

“It’s your favorite dish”,  Nina smiled while cooking. She loved to give him surprises. Andy was busy working that evening and he could not get up to check what’s cooking!

As the weeks turned into months and years , Nina knew what made him go weak in his knees. Home made food especially north Indian Cuisines. Nina grew up in Northern part of India and she made those dishes effortlessly. Was it more than just love that got them together?

“I never got to eat such yummy food at home before ! “, he declared.

“What kinda food?” she asked.

“Palak Paneer, Matar paneer, Matar mushroom, Chicken Kolhapuri style, Sabudana Khichdi, Bhakhri and chutney, dal palak with hot phulkas, Chili beans Mexican Style, Lentil Chili, Pasta in Alfredo sauce with sauteed exotic vegetables, Dahi Vadas, Thick sambhar north Indian style , Pav Bhaji Mumbai style,Hot Methi parathas , Mooli parathas, Cauliflower parathas, Aloo parathas with dahi in the breakfast…..”

“Okay stop now…”, she smiled.

“I love you baby”, Nina blew a kiss for her from the kitchen platform.

What was it that turned her into a such a fabulous cook she wondered. Was it respect for his perfectionist personality? Or was it his devoted love for her?

Whatever it was, Nina was not bothered….she got back to her pans, ladles and spices, to make her man feel the most special one in this whole world.

On a relaxed day...

On a relaxed day…

Contrasting Cultures

Love My India

Love My India

North and East and South. West and Central parts are almost similar to North. It is India.

Different cultures, different food habits, different temperaments, different climates. Only thing which is similar is patriotism.

Dad being in Defence services, we got to travel extensively while we were growing up. That experience made up strong and resilient as well as tolerant towards differences between various cultures. I quite don’t understand whats the hullabaloo about being North Indians and South Indians. People got to understand , north Indians and Aryans and south Indians are Dravidian. East is a mix of Aryans and Indo-Tibetian-Thai-Burmese descent.

The recent video about being a south Indian is a funny one which actually depicts the geographical locations,foods and some personalities from film/theatre. Anyone who has passed 1oth grades already know where Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Cochin is! Those who have visited these states or stayed there for sometime also know about the details of the cultures and food habits. So who are these ignorant people who do not know a thing about this region called South India? The illiterate ones or the ignorant ones? They are the smallest fraction of the population and it does not matter what they think!

Artists like Rekha, Hema Malini, Kamal Hassan, Sridevi and so many more would not have been accepted by mainstream cinema if we didnt know where they are coming from. Mani Ratnam, A.R Rahman, Revathy,Tabu are the most talented people of India and they have made their mark in Bollywood and worldwide even though they are from down south. No one ever said that they are south Indians or Madrasis! The scientists from ISRO and other DRDO organisations (mostly based at down south) are full with south Indians and they are contribution for the growth and development of the country, so do we ever call them southies?

The food habits are way too different still in almost all parts of India you will find a south Indian shop selling dosas! In Hyderabad, I see local people throng for north Indian food everywhere. The cultures are vastly different but they are appreciated both ways. The people from northern part of India like the traditional culture of south. However people down south are giving up their conservative ways of life and younger generations are adapting to changes happening in the society.

Society will always have various bands in its spectrum. Its up to us who we choose to be.Getting out of the narrowness and black holes of our minds to ensure better thought progress towards the betterment of society is the key. Looking, thinking and wasting energy at what a bunch of negative people will do will not realize any gains.

So lets just move ahead with the changing times and so something substantial for the society.




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