Soul- Searching


Sitting in the coffee shop, Neha’s life flashed in front of her eyes.They knew each other for a decade now.She was all of twenty and he, an engineering graduate. He doted on her and visited her every year before he finally took a job in her city just so they could spend more time in person. After initial hiccups of religion, caste and parents’ disapprovals, they had got married. They were best of friends, lovers and souls-mates, she had thought. She trusted him blindly for he had pursued her for several years before she said “yes”. Neel’s job made him travel all across the world and last time he was home, she had stumbled upon some texts on his cell phone. They were from a wrong number, he had said.

Holding the coffee mug, she remembered the red roses and the chocolate cake he received on his birthday. Apparently ,she had flown to be with him on his birthday that year. He would also sport new shirts every now and then. He had a new watch and a cell-phone. His calls and E-mails to her had reduced drastically. Neel, when cornered, would at times try to justify the situation and sometimes go silent. In the longer interest of their relationship, she had shoved these little incidents under the carpet. But in the end, they had piled up to create a boomerang.
All her fears had come true when she saw a picture of them in his wallet, this time. She was shocked, broken and dismayed when he walked out on her. He had left , just the way he came into her life.






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