Baby no- 2

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy…

Just when I thought, I was done with making babies in this lifetime, I had to rethink ! As next 2 years of my life fast forwarded in front of my eyes, I could not help smiling, watching this beautiful Coke ad. Life will be chaos just once again. Messier, crazier and sillier….nonetheless I’m enjoying the smile I see on hubby’s face every now and then. Riaan does not know yet about his threatened position in the house…but I’m sure he will learn to be a good big brother soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy this lovely ad from Coke. They always make them awesome !




Small word , big responsibility , bigger repercussions if broken.

The only people who would carry on believing in us even when we break their trust, is immediate blood family. Rest everyone will, at the most will give you a second chance and then would either leave or chuck you out of their lives.

Trust is a huge virtue , being ‘true’ is the biggest portion of it. When young, we are being told to be truthful, honest and keep our promises. When we grow up, apart from these we also need to know the unspoken words and sentiments of the people we love, lest we hurt them unknowingly. This get complicated in today’s times.

A vast sea of promises, emotions and words play games between two people. It is up to the hard work of these people if they choose to go that extra mile to keep their friends, mates or partners happy. One of my friends casually mentioned a few years back, that its all about performance, professionally and personally too. Until then I had not known the value of the performance in personal life. I took all my relationships a bit casually and I didn’t know, I could work hard on it.

For me, all my relationships were equal and I didn’t treat anyone differently. I believed in equality but little did I know that each person is different and they ask for different things. Some need space, others security. Some are vocal about their feeling other are not and one need to know them better through their actions. Some would make you feel special and expect the same back, some would be just plain honest and simple, others would be diplomatic still be honest.

Trust in all cases cannot be broken, for it leads to a damage that cannot be mended ever. I still believe , if the core of our heart is honest and we make some extra effort to know the other person inside out, we would always see that thin line which we should not never cross.

Respect the trust that the other person has put on you. Leave before you have to break it.

Google Images

Google Images

A for Ani

Goa 2014

Goa 2014

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Ani is all rolled into one. We both had to kick our ex’s out and that was the reason! It was the beginning of a wonderful summer and we both were kinda sure that it wont last beyond the season.However time proved us wrong and 5 years down the lane we are soulmates and have made a baby. Surely when life threw lemons, we made delicious lemonade together!!

On a serious note, Ani has been my hope, strength and sunshine all rolled into one. A meritorious student right from the beginning , he teaches me to make my life perfect each day. Be it helping hand with the baby, running errands or giving tips on a regular basis on just about any topic, he teaches me to be selfless, honest and give your best shot in everything that one must lay his hands on.

His vast knowledge , experience and his ability to live a disciplined life is a boon for me. I follow him blindly and pledge to love him eternally.

So A is for Ani and A is for Angel !

Sunset in Goa 2014 Shot: A&R

Sunset in Goa 2014
Shot: A&R

The Roseman Bridge


                                                                      Caught N’ Shot- A&R

It was after lunch and Francesca sat on the porch sipping iced tea.With Richard gone for more than a decade, thoughts about Robert came to her mind more frequently.As a usual chore,she got dressed up for her walk to the middle river across the Roseman bridge. After the walk she would pick vegetables from her garden and cook while listening to radio. Then she would read all the letters she wrote to Robert.
She stopped her car about a mile away from the bridge and started to walk. As the gravel road turned, the bridge started to appear.The memories of that sultry August afternoon started to flash in front of her eyes. It seemed just like yesterday, when she had come here with Robert .It was a good 15 miles from her home nevertheless she was glad she took the decision.
Today she saw a truck parked by the side of the road. Her eyes danced like butterflies all around.It would be stupid to look for Robert after so long, she thought. But she had kept his memories alive in her heart.She almost ran towards the bridge, when she saw a figure leaning over the railings, looking down at the River.She felt like this person had been standing there since eternity.Francesca called out his name and he looked back. He was an older, frailer version of her tall and husky Robert.
He smiled and looked for her hand. As she moved a step closer to hold him, he murmured,”I knew you would come” .Closing her eyes she hugged him tight and said.”Let’s go home Robert…”


Everyone has their serendipity moments. For some its food, results of an exam they took, sports event, stumbling upon a  buy-1-get-3-deal, bestie turning into a lover…

My serendipity moment has to be the way Ani came into my life. It was the summer of 2011 and my on-the rocks marriage had exasperated me to no end. I used be irritated, angry and upset all the time. My work was suffering and I had difficulty maintaining my all other relationships. Perhaps , the time had come to quit. After several attempts of online dating , I took a break as it was not at all a good feeling meeting awkward, funny, stupid and sometimes outrageous people.

I kept delaying meeting Ani and he kept asking me out for a coffee. After a month of chatting and talking on and off, I had finally agreed to see him for lunch. I had no hopes from this meeting, like I said, I was put off by the kind of people who were on the dating sites.

One meeting led to another and before I could realize we were seeing each other on every weekend.

But it was still a regular date and not a serious relationship. It could not be because I was not going to get into a serious relationship so soon. The scars of my abusive marriage were deep and I was simply taking time-out to re-organize my life. On the other hand Ani had left his wife of two years and was seeking a temporary relationship to spend his lonely weekends. So either way, we were just hanging out, giving ourselves some time and did not really want a relationship.

But before we could realize, we were thick into love and could not live without seeing each other. The temporary relation seemed to have done its first job- healing the scars. I felt that we were spending crazy amount of times together, hence I thought we needed to talk and give the relationship a direction. So, there we were discussing the possibility of a serious bond together just 6 months after we had met. Ani said ,he wanted to be with me , rest of his life but did not know how would we go ahead with so many complications around our lives. I admitted my feelings for him and told him,”Let’s go with the flow of time”.

Surprisingly, things got sorted out by themselves and both of us were divorced by the end of next one year.

My man is nice and kind by nature and that’s the most basic quality of a good human being. I could not have asked for more and we became man and wife soon.So a casual date turned into a pleasant relationship and then took an even more pleasant turn when we realized that we could not get a better spouse than each other.

So here is to unpredictable things, risk taking abilities, intuitive instincts, having fun, faith and loving life. Most important of all , is to give your best shot at all times and enjoy each moment of your life.

I would say, never forget to dream and things will work out for sure!!



Dreams coming true…

A Name


I was born to  soldier and his working wife. My dad met my mom when she had just joined Airforce in a civilian capacity. He was a Parachute Jumping Instructor and was posted at my mom’s city unit. He fell in love with this independent girl, working with the soldiers and proposed to marry her. All of 18, my mom directed him to her dads’. Marriage fixed in about 6 months time and they live happily ever after.


Oh wait…I was born the following year after the marriage. Since mom returned to work after 3 months of maternity leave, I was taken care by many people while she worked. My granny, my aunt (mom’s sister), her cousin and one lady who was a neighbor. This lady had 3 teenaged sons and she happily proposed to look after me while my mom worked from 7 in the morning until 2 pm. She would feed me,change and tuck me in as and when needed. Her sons were grown up and she missed having a baby around, she said. Also she loved having a girl for herself ! My mom sometimes would leave me at my granny’s and my aunt would take care of me before she picked me up on Saturdays. In between some of these days mom decided to have me named but she wanted the lady who looked after me, to name me. She wanted to thank her in her own way. The lady called me “Rinku” and that was put in the records. Rinku is a common name from the state she belonged to- Bengal.


I’m one of those people who didn’t like their name initially. But as I grew up and Mom told me this story of naming my name, I was filled with gratitude towards that lady and for my mom too. That lady for her unconditional love and Mom for being grateful to her and showing it in a unique way. As I grew up, started to like my name, short, sweet and crisp. It means ‘Sweet’ or ‘Sweet Thing”.

They say, a rose is a rose is a rose. Does not matter if it was not named as rose. But I’m glad that my name is a tribute to a good lady for her kindness and love. I have never met her or tried to find her ever but now it looks like I must.

Yes after writing this post , I’m going to call Mom.


Something we take for granted

Love Cloud

Love Cloud

Being loved is the most precious thing in the world and I think we all take it for granted. The love by the parents, siblings and then by lovers is something we should be always grateful about. We usually never realise that parents love by our parents is like a gift from heaven and it never ceases comewhat may and hence we take it for granted all our lives. We realise when they are gone and then we repent rest of our lives. The sooner we realise the importance of parents love, its better. Because there is nothing like it and and we should enjoy each onet of it and try to give them the same selfless love.

Similarly , siblings, most of them love us unconditionally. Partners, lovers or spouses who love us like we were born in the same family and who nurture us are the best thing to happen after parents. One should consider himself lucky if they get such a life partner because in current times its rare. Once lost you will never get it back !!

Let’s vow never to take love for granted, never to demean it, never to be ungrateful, if we are lucky enough to have it. Let’s learn to appreciate and nurture the love that we have in our lives.

Love from parents, family and partners is to be rejoiced, respected and returned in the same intensity if not more.


Sunset @ Goa

Sunset @ Goa

A Book You learned From-Taj (T.N Murari)

“Taj” was given to me by Naomi one summer while we were living in Allahabad. Though I’m not a voracious reader but as I read the book, I fell in love with it. The characters, the storytelling , the beautiful amalgamation of factual and fictional happenings captivated my heart. Even now several years down the line I still hold the memories of those feelings that I went through while reading that book.

To my surprise, I fell so in love with this book that I got the book copied at a local shop and carried with me. Something in it struck a chord in me and it would take months for me to know what was it. I was born and raised in the city of Taj. I had seen all these forts and monuments a hundred times during my childhood. I could visualise almost every single detail mentioned by the author about the forts and all the delicate artisan work done during 1700s. The book had told the ever-lasting love story of  Mumtaz and Shahjehan in a very subtle manner. Right from their childhood, how they met, fell in love and promised to love each other through thick and thin. It also adds a piece of fiction in it by adding a character who is close to Mumtaz and from whose point of view we see the world.

Pure Love

Pure Love

We come to know what Mumtaz feels for Shahjehan and how every time he is out on a battle, she accompanies him on a chariot taking all her young children with her, so many times even while she was pregnant. Shahjehan too loved her like no one else could even when he had a huge task of taking care of his empire. The author makes that delicate balance of facts and fictions so well that you could feel the intensity of the lovers in that era. It almost comes to life for me because I have seen all those small little nooks and corners of Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri where this love happened in real times. While I soak myself up in history and in the love of the Emperor and the Empress, I also know how vibrant and important my city was at that point in time.

The political scenarios, the culture, the economics, the trade and the intense love is depicted exquisite and precise. I love this book for its depiction of sheer love, sacrifice and honor of two human beings towards each other at the times when emperors were busy filling up their harems and expanding their empires. I’m basically an ardent lover of historical facts and books written on them.

This book has been a thorough pleasure to read while you let your imagination go back a few hundred years back into time. Shahjehan and Mumtaz’s eternal love stood the test of time through centuries, even though the Empress died at a young age of 36, Shahjehan never remarried and spent rest of his life making this monument. Legend says, after Taj was made, he died looking at it , remembering the love of his life.

Gist of the story is to love with all your might for you never know how soon this life would get over and one would be left with only memories.

Love in the times of an Empire

Love in the times of an Empire

Simple Things in Life


Honestly, a few good friends and some good place to spend the lazy afternoons…thats what life’ s pleasures are all about.


Life’s treasures lie in simples things indeed. Mom’s food, a simple cup of her tea,sitting in the porch sipping it watching rains, giving grains to sparrows and hens at home…


Watching a random flick on TV in the afternoon when alone, making that special cup of tea on weekends for both of us when Riaan is taking a nap, going for an evening walk and looking at the clouds and talking about future.


Finding the phone number of an old friend and calling her and catching up with old times, wishing good day to a fellow jogger, smelling the rose on my morning walk, watching the clouds fly by in the evening sky, stopping by and talking to the old lady in the neighbourhood.



Truly, life’s treasures lie in simple things. The very fact that life is short but sweet makes it even more important to love its each moment.




Riaan- A Dream Come True

Riaan Anirudha

Riaan Anirudha

Ringing in 2015

Sunset by the lake Shot- A & R

Sunset by the lake
Shot- A & R

Its already late to write on this topic nonetheless…better late than never!

The new year eve which coincides with my birthday is usually spent dancing,shopping and ends with a dinner of my choice. Of course then a cake cutting session in the middle of the night! This was happening since last 3 years, thanks  to my sweetheart and this year I wanted it to be a quiet evening. Because I was expecting , I wanted less noise, less people around and a quiet dinner. So we decided , we shall go camp in our favorite hotel a previous day, spend the evening there and ring in my birthday and the new year from the quiet room overlooking the lake of the city.

With 2 bags , we drove into the hotel and took a room at 10th floor. Down from the window, the preparations for the New Year Eve’s party on the dance floor was on full swing. I just wanted to relax on the sofa and listen to some soothing music and watch the sun go down the lake. The year had been pretty hectic with lots of good things coming in. There were a few incidents which caused a bit of heartaches too. Nonetheless, I wanted to decompress and unwind and create a still better beginning for the coming year. Dinner was sumptuous -Palak Paneer, tandoori chicken and Rotis with a green salad and Ani disappeared from the room to hunt for a birthday cake! We went down and had a look at the hotel bakery. It was sensible to buy the cake from the hotel then driving down to another bakery through maddening traffic of people getting out to celebrate new year’s eve. The traffic was bumper-to-bumper , the parks were crowded, the hotels were brimming with people….my goodness, India is exploding with people!

I convinced Ani to get just a chocolate pastry as cake would have become too much for two of us.

The ceremonial cake was cut at the stroke of 12 midnight, as the people down the dance floor started hugging each other and the hotel sky was lit up with a string of firecrackers!  Three years of togetherness and much of bliss and peace. Next day was spent quietly lazying and taking stroll along the pool.2nd of January saw me doing some shopping for husband, baby and some essential items for the trip to US. And by evening we were at our home sweet home.

Im glad this new year was quiet with lot of time for introspection and retrospection. There should be days in our life when one can sit back , relax , do nothing, feel the life go by, moment by moment and just live in the moment. Life is short and we have lot of aspirations.If we do not sit back once in a while,we will not realize and life will zoom past us.

This one is for everyone to take a break from routine, if its on the birthday, its all the more great!

Chocolicious... Shot-  A & R

Shot- A & R

One Journey of Faith

From Two 2 Three ! Shot by A& R

From Two 2 Three !
Shot by A & R

We had been waiting for this trip since one year. We had even planned the conception of our baby so that I would be able to fly during the safest period of my pregnancy. But somehow the trip didn’t come through the whole time. We, anyway enjoyed the first 2 quarters of the pregnancy in India while I let my husband know that I would need him by my side during the labor and delivery, in case he has to fly out now. He promised me he will be, at any cost.

You never know what destiny has in store for you.  We were prepared for this trip and also quite anxious about the long flying hours that I will have to spend sitting on a chair , given the fact that airline seats were not comfy by any means. By the end of 7th month, Ani’s trip came along, I got worked up now that I would have to bear it out alone, that is the rest of my pregnancy. But it was a huge surprise to know that most of the airlines allow pregnant women to fly till 36 weeks.I was only 30 weeks along.

We were flying out in next 2 weeks and all the arrangements had to be made. The “baby stuff” that was being done in a normal pace was rushed up and all the medicines etc were stocked up for next one month. Packing was being done for spices and Indian stuff that was not available in US. One constant worry was, if I would be comfortable sitting in the airline seat for 22 hours!

So it was , Hyderabad to Abu Dhabi , a 4 hour flight and then a 3 hour break before catching that dreadful 16 hour flight out from middle east to Americas! The entire journey was a mix of fear, excitement, happiness and most importantly this was our first international flight together. Ani was super worried about me and the baby and was on a roll all the time!

” Walk, move hands, move legs, eat, sleep, now wake up, drink water, have you had your medicines, okay now check out from the window, read this, watch a movie, wash your face and freshen up….goodness gracious ” , he was pretty worked up! Had a few bouts of uncomfortable hours in the long flight but overall, I enjoyed it. Ate everything that came along , also hogged the Methi Parathas and pickle which I made at home. Didn’t over sleep, watched some good videos and chatted up with my guy for hours! The stewardesses were taking extra care of me and I felt relaxed.

Honestly, the long flight didn’t feel like one and we bonded all over again , talking about the years that we had spent together and anticipating the years ahead. Talking about the lil’ one that was coming along to make our lives all the more happy.

So the entire journey turned out to be a pleasant one. Patience , love and faith kept us intact and made us enjoy the journey despite the apprehensions. I’m sure , life too is going to be one such long and pleasant flight!


The Trio !

The Faith ! Shot by A & R

Something Someone Gave You- Week 5

Time is a Gift - by Ani

Gift of Time – by Ani

Giving is always a bliss. Receiving is a pleasure too. Long time back my brother told me to never go by the price of your gift. Gifts are bought for you with some thought, money and energy and that is what should be appreciated. I have always valued the gifts I have received and have treasured them all.

Friends , parents, colleagues always give you gifts with or without occasions. My sweet hubby has been showering me with gifts since we met and some of them are totally invaluable. The most precious would have to be the gift of my life that my parents gave to me. I would certainly thank them for having decided to get married and have me as their first born ! For its’ because of them that I’m able to see this beautiful world , live and love it in all senses.

One that I would never forget is a hand made birthday card my kids gave me when they were very young. It was for “The World’s Best Mom” with lots of scribbles and colors inside! I treasure that and keep it close to my heart always!

Gift of Love

Gift of Love

***I start this gratitude challenge following an inspiration by a fellow blogger Day-9 / week 1 – 52 Weeks of Gratitude | Me and My Random Thoughts by Bikram.

Tenterhooks – Of things other than Love

Alltime Favorite

Alltime Favorite

“What are you cooking baby?” , asked Andy from his study.

“Dinner…”, answered Nina.

“The aroma is making me hungry, what is it that you are cooking?”  asked an even more eager Andy.

“It’s your favorite dish”,  Nina smiled while cooking. She loved to give him surprises. Andy was busy working that evening and he could not get up to check what’s cooking!

As the weeks turned into months and years , Nina knew what made him go weak in his knees. Home made food especially north Indian Cuisines. Nina grew up in Northern part of India and she made those dishes effortlessly. Was it more than just love that got them together?

“I never got to eat such yummy food at home before ! “, he declared.

“What kinda food?” she asked.

“Palak Paneer, Matar paneer, Matar mushroom, Chicken Kolhapuri style, Sabudana Khichdi, Bhakhri and chutney, dal palak with hot phulkas, Chili beans Mexican Style, Lentil Chili, Pasta in Alfredo sauce with sauteed exotic vegetables, Dahi Vadas, Thick sambhar north Indian style , Pav Bhaji Mumbai style,Hot Methi parathas , Mooli parathas, Cauliflower parathas, Aloo parathas with dahi in the breakfast…..”

“Okay stop now…”, she smiled.

“I love you baby”, Nina blew a kiss for her from the kitchen platform.

What was it that turned her into a such a fabulous cook she wondered. Was it respect for his perfectionist personality? Or was it his devoted love for her?

Whatever it was, Nina was not bothered….she got back to her pans, ladles and spices, to make her man feel the most special one in this whole world.

On a relaxed day...

On a relaxed day…

She does not love me…

Love is Eternal

Love is Eternal

Me: “Why have you left home and here with me?”

Him: “I don’t know…”

Me: “Did you take this travelling job deliberately?”

Him: “Yes…”

Me: “But why…don’t you want to live at home with your wife? You had been married for only a year and a Half?”

Him: ” In that year and a half also I was travelling every month”

Me: “But now you have shifted out of your house and you live in a different city than your wife”

Him: “Yeah…”

Me: “Is there any chance of you two getting back together?”

Him: “I don’t know…”

Me: “Where do I stand in the picture?”

Him: “I wanna be with you…”

Me: “But you are married to someone else…”

Him: “Yeah…”

Me: “Why don’t you give your marriage a try…?”

Him: “I have tried enough in one year, I had to run away from her, from my house…she drove me out of my own house…”

Me: “But you guys were in love for 7 years before marriage…”

Him: “Yeah… ”

Him: “You should have atleast one reason, why you  don’t want to be with her..?”

Me: “She does not love me….” and he looked down to the ground.

Tears rolled down my cheeks….I held him tight and promised myself to love this baby boy all my life.

Capturing Love... Venice Beach (LA) Shot - A& R

Capturing Love…
Venice Beach (LA)
Shot – A& R


Good Tidings

Coffee Mornings!

Coffee Mornings!

It was not a usual sunny,pleasant day nonetheless I was desperately waiting for this day to come as I was going to meet someone over coffee. Someone  special,who was a long-lost companion and who had been with me through all the ups and downs of my life! As I said , it was not a normal pleasant sunny day. The previous night had seen incessant rains and thunderstorm. The dark clouds from last night were still overcast, the weaker trees had given up to the thundershowers and the strong coastal winds.The sun was no where to be seen and the December chill ran through my spine as I got up from the bed.

I was going to meet a certain friend of mine who I had not physically met or emotionally got connected for over 10 years now.Through this last decade, though I had been in a train wreck, it was all peace since last atleast couple of years.Every issue closed , every trauma treated,every wound healed and every perspective towards life had changed, by life itself! I needed to tell her that she need not worry and time will take care of everything. That, she needed to be practical and take some tough decisions in life in order to be happy and peaceful. That, in the matters of life, it is not always the mind which wins but sometimes you have to go by your instincts and trust your heart too!

I ought to tell her not to give in to abuse anymore and that there are angels out there who will not judge her for anything and will love her for what she is. Sometimes life treats you with senseless tragedies and you do not have a choice but to bear them out. But in case of relationships you got to consciously decide if that is what is your peace is. If something is consistently giving you pain and is destroying your peace, you must acquire enough strength to pull yourself up and move away from it. Life is not about succumbing to your injuries, it is about creating your own heaven, enjoy each moment and bring peace to everyone around you. Life is about having dreams, fulfilling them and being someone’s inspiration.

I hope that over that cup of coffee, we come to terms with the good and bads of our lives and understand the fact that after each dark night, there is a morning. The morning which can never refuse to come, thereby reinstating the faith in life and the goodness of it.

I hope today she understands my perception of life and looks forward to her own. I’m sure I shall be able to show her the sunshine waiting to brighten her life in coming years,the stars that are going to dazzle her nights rest of her life and that she needs to hold tight for her prince is going to arrive soon, to take her away to their beautiful world!

We need to understand that we have this one life and we cannot give it away to destiny. We need to live each moment of it , creating dreams and realizing them. We ought to believe in ourselves, be honest with our selves and listen to our heart!

I’m getting ready wearing my finest white dress for this much awaited rendezvous over coffee this morning. The sun has started peeping out of the clouds spraying some sunshine on the rain havoc-ed trees and roads. The neighborhood lake seemed to be brimming with rainwater from last night, giving much needed fresh oxygen to lilies in it!

Did I tell you I’m going to meet my own self today!

And I’m waiting for my morning walks around the lake soon!

Morning Walks Shot: A & R

Morning Walks
Shot: A & R


Nature Shot- A&R

Nature Shot- A & R

What’s my treasure….all of it is not material that’s for sure! In fact apart from some of my most prized stockings and lingerie, nothing material holds my treasure!

Yes, once upon a time, when I was lonely, emotionally bankrupt and had an insecure heart, I used to put emphasis on clothes, crockery, jeweler y and other such non-precious things.Living in a cold house with a selfish person made me hoard things. It used to be anything…I just used to blow my whole salary on good nothings and get pleasure out of it. Pleasure that would just disappear in following couple of days to abuse.

Copenhagen Bakery ( Burlingame) Shot: A& R

Copenhagen Bakery (Burlingame) Shot: A & R

Treasure in my terms is a genuine person, some lovely places that I have visited and in sometimes an item! Treasure is a day/night out with kids, Ani, family or a dear friend! Treasure is that chocolate shake in Mocha after a hearty meal. That meal which didn’t need to be planned as it was just a stone’s throw away from Maiden’s where we stayed for almost a year at Civil Lines. Treasure is, Ani making sure that all my wishes are met….the same day that I ask for them! It is the hugs and butterfly kisses I receive when I keep quiet instead of arguing with him! Treasure is the dimpled smile he unknowingly gives when he reads messages from his friends and also when he opens his beer can!


Brownie Shot: A & R

Treasure is dad giving away some cash to me while I leave his house. Treasure is his pets all over the house who give him love and affection unconditionally. It is that talk I  have with my kids everyday and the points they prove, now that they have one always! Treasure is my help at home , who does not utter a word while working and does her job to a perfect T.


Hiking @ San Bruno Shot : A& R

Treasure is the look of the valley when you reach the top after that long and tiring trek. It is playing with a child, making him happy by doing what he likes. It is opening the Facebook page and knowing that all my childhood and current friends are in touch with me sharing their joys and sorrows each day. Treasure is that evening walk by the park or the lakeside with Ani discussing mundane things!

Evening  walks with Ani Shot : A&R

Evening walks with Ani
Shot : A&R

Treasure is the everyday moments which keeps me happy and peaceful and those moments which have gone by, which remind me that I have done my bit for others. Treasure is the dreams and hopes of tomorrow. Treasure is the positive energy Ani supplies me on an everyday basis.

My treasure is my independence to do anything that I wish to. What is yours!

Photography Shot: A&R

Shot: A&R

Pillow Talks

Pillow Talk - By A & R

Pillow Talk
By-A& R

Pillow Talk according to Wikipedia-

“Is the relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between partners after making love usually accompanied by cuddling, caresses, and other physical intimacy. It is associated with honesty, bonding and is basically non-sexual in nature.The content of pillow talk typically includes the stories and confessions, expressions of affection and appreciation and playful humor.”

Pillow talk, more broadly may also refer to conversations between parties that have an other than sexual relationship like a mother daughter duo meeting after a long gap, childhood friends meeting after years, cousins having a sleep-over weekend or just between friends after a long day before they roll off to a deep slumber!

“Pillow talk is conventionally seen as an opportunity for spies to obtain secret information from the enemy agent. Christine Keeler is said to have used this approach in the Cold War-era.”

Its a pleasant talk we have before the slumber.It eases your mind , shows you how close are you to the other person and also how much you have to catch up on memories or current happenings in each other’s lives.Pillow talk with hubby is something very special. Its that cozy moment of the day that brings you closer without even realizing it. It may not necessarily occur after a love making session! Sometimes , its just the relaxed minds of the two individuals, when they have accomplished something that they were eagerly waiting for during that day or from several days. Nonetheless, its that pleasant time of the night when you have the abundant time to chat and there is no hurry to catch sleep. The two people open up because they are happy and relaxed in each other’s company. Its the best time to ask awkward questions and also the questions which need elaborate explanation.Over years now, lovers have been doing this conversation without the pillows over the cell phones! They make each other comfortable, spend time and talk everything under the sun- during their routine night phone calls! Undoubtedly this is Pillow Talk before they actually get to do it in literal sense!

Here’s to pleasant times with friends, cousins, mothers, siblings and partners!


Love Cushion By - A& R

Love Cushion
By – A & R

Color Me Red

Red for love

Color of love

Red is the color of blood and it is also associated with passion, anger , love and joy. The word is derived from old English word- read.On my guy’s birthday , I love to give him a bouquet of atleast 50 red roses along with a huge chocolate cake, his dimpled smile makes my day !

Indeed its my favorite color. The earliest memories of red is a frilly dress that Mom got for me when I was may be 3 or 4 years old. The memory of wearing that frock remained so vivid in my mind that I got one made on my 16th birthday! The color of a dress, bangles, a Saree, a pair of bellies, a scarf, a woolen cap, a hat, a cardinal, vermilion, the current nail polish that I’m wearing, color of a magnificent sunset…..there are countless reds which fascinate me every single day.

A red dress

A red baby dress

There are than a dozen shades of the color.Blood red, blush, brick, burgundy, carmine, China red (like vermilion), cinnabar (like vermilion), Crimson, fire engine red, flame, Indian red, madder, maroon, rose, rouge, ruby, russet (a reddish brown), rust (a reddish brown), Scarlet, tomato, Venetian red, Vermilion etc.

Mmm sweet red cherries!

Mmm sweet red cherries!

Red is hot. Red is warm,Red is sexy, Red is passion and love. It’s a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. Red is Cupid and  also the Devil. Red is the color of curries in the state of Maharashtra (particularly in Kolhapur region) in India. Red is also the color of apples, strawberries and Chillis which are amazing source of vitamins.


Red hot Chilli Repper!

Red is the most frequent color that I have in my wardrobe.Loads of dresses, Sarees, shirts, tops, skirts , scarfs, caps and even a blazer…you name it and I have it!. Particularly fond of red shoes, I have atleast 2 pairs of them at any given time!

Red Stilettos

Red Stilettos

Its amazing to see the spread of red color on a setting sky. The sun starts from being orange to pink and peach and red. The best view is by sea side which I enjoy during our annual vacation to Goa, a western beach country side in India. I feel amazed for those 7 minutes when I watch the colorful red sky from my balcony every evening. It is an irreplaceable experience to be with these bursts of colors of the setting sun .


Sunset Red

Color me Red…..Anytime!

Red is the color!

Red is the color!

A Jilted Lover

This is crazy stuff. A young boy of 15 kills 3 girls and injures 2 of his cousins a school.

That’s how much a broken heart can shatter you at 15? Its a pity that he chose to throw away his life for a girl who would not become his date because of whatever reasons. Its a pity because this young lad had everything going for him in his life. He came from a reputed family, he scored straight A’s  in his freshman year and he was crowned Homecoming Prince just a week before at his school. At home, he seemed to be the loving elder son of his doting father. His father used to take him and his brother for hunting in the woods as per their native traditions. He had started liking hunting or for that  matter whole routine as he kept posting pics of the  hunted deer on his FB page.He had a bunch of younger cousins idolizing him and an entire school voting him as the most popular lad of the school just the week before. He was into the school football and wrestling team, he had steady girlfriend for atleast last 2 years….so why did he snap ?

He got into a fight at football practice, punching a student and breaking his nose over a racial slur against him just a few days before and had been briefly suspended from the football team. His girlfriend of 2 years had broken up just after attending his homecoming with him, a few days before. It seems he had asked his cousin’s girlfriend out on a date and she had (rightly!) rebuffed him. Even though they were all 14-15 years old but each one in his group was in a relationship. Even his younger brother , all of 13 was in a happy relationship ! So was it peer pressure to have girl of your own in his circle of friends and cousins?

Its been almost 2 weeks but I cannot get this ghastly incident erased from my mind. So many innocent young lives wasted, such bloodshed and revengeful feelings in a 15 year old boy. So many homes devastated, so many lives destroyed, so many people will never recover from this ever. Could this have been avoided?

If only his Mom and dad would have spoken or spent sometime with him on everyday basis and they had a comfortable relation wherein he would share his break up with his mom/dad and they would comfort him that it was okay to have break ups(atleast at that age) and have look ahead in life.

If only his father did not introduce him to hunting and rifles which actually does not serve any purpose in today’s life, and kept his arms in lock and keys at home (especially because he had 2 teenage sons living at his place)

If only his girlfriend would have explained him amicably , giving him more time to recover from the shock of the breakup of their relationship.

If only his mom would hug him everyday and filled the void left by his girlfriend.

If only his father would not buy him and rifle on his birthday and keep revolvers and ammunition unlocked at their home.

If only that guy who hurled racist comments on him on the football field would have controlled himself that day.

If only his cousin’s girlfriend would have said a polite NO to him instead of rebuking him….

If only….

Update-Meanwhile the death toll is up to 4 out of 5 teens who were shot at by Jaylen-

Zoe Raine Galasso, Gia Soreano, Shaylee C, Andrew Fryburg leaving Nate Hatch to be the only survivor of the deadly shooting.

An interesting blog was written on this incident and I could not help sharing it here!

The Elusive Motive Behind the Marysville, WA Shooting – TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime.

That Baby Bump!

Baby bump! Caught by- Ani

Baby bump!
Caught by- Ani

Its 20 weeks and Ani was waiting to capture this moment in time. He chose his birthday to be that day when he froze the moment forever.

After the birthday dinner and the cake cutting ceremony, Ani called in for the shots from various angles! Rose happily posing for him and for their child who would love to see how his mom and dad were excited for having him with them!

This one is for keeps…!

Love, Cheers!

House no. 6

House no. 6

House no. 6

A house is made up of bricks and woods. It needs love and affection to make it a home. House no.6 was one such home of Rosie and Andy. Set among st serene locality and surrounded by huge trees with chirping birds around. Occasionally I could hear afternoon calls of some crows too!

Right from the airport till they reached the house ,Rosie was astonished at the beauty of the country. It was her dream to see this country and Andy had made it come true. After a 30 minute drive up and down flyovers via US-101 north and driving through San Bruno, Millbrae and Burlingame they reached their destination. Andy dropped her at the reception and went to unload the baggage from the car. Her name was then registered as a resident of the complex and their she was….watching the open skies, the trees, the birds and the house that awaited her. House no.6 would be their haven for atleast next 6 months.

As Rosie stepped climbed onto the stairs of the house she was thrilled and excited.A warm room waited for her which included a living room with a huge couch and a study corner. A kitchenette with all facilities like washer and a huge refrigerator. The bedroom was awesome with beautiful paintings on the walls and lamps which shed light on the bed and adjoining areas quite appropriately.

A quick lunch of paratha’s and palak paneer waited for her on the kitchen table. After a quick lunch ,Andy rushed back to work after briefing her about the house amongst other things. He would be back only at 6 pm now. Rosie tried taking a nap but could not as she was too excited to be in her dream country with her man of dreams. It was all there in real….she pinched herself and settled herself into the couch to switched on the tv.

Next few weeks and months would contain lot of outings, treks, dinning out trying world cuisines, picnics at hill tops, movies, pub hopping and visits to clubhouse for swimming and gymming every weekday evenings. But most of her daytime would be spent in this house no. 6.  In the afternoons Rosie would go out for walks inside the campus watching the flowers and squirrels. She would sometime visit the nearby coffee shop and spend her evening besides a lake watching the birds and ducks in the water. Sometimes Andy would join her for that coffee and make it even a more lovely evening. But she would rush back to the comfort of the house which had slowly become their home. It was cozy, comfortable and warm. Before they could realize it inspired both Rosie and Andy to dream of living together rest of their lives.

A year and a half later Rosie and Andy have their own nest. They thank House no. 6 for all that it taught them. To be together always, to share, to love and respect each other , to enjoy each and every moment of life and to stand by your partner no matter what….to be precise.

Que Sera Sera


We can control our own destiny. I believe slowly but steadily when we make small day to day decisions….we are carving our fate.

The future is not set at any pint of time.

Fate is a course of events that happen that happens inevitable.Like some being born in a certain state of a certain country.On events like this no one has any control however in most of the aspect of our life we can make small or big decisions thereby choosing our fate. For example a person who smokes tobacco for a continued period of time is working towards his fate to die young as compared to a person who does not smoke.

We have a control over what happens to us in the future. Because there is nothing that will happen for sure. We determine our future from what we do now. We make our own future from our own actions, and nothing or no one else is responsible for it.


However natural catastrophe like hurricanes ,tornadoes or Tsunamis are location specific and cannot be avoided. We should still be prepared for the results even if we cannot stop them so that we can reduce the loss of life and other material things.

Sometimes we believe in our luck or rather bad luck. Luck is achieving a favorable or negative outcome by being on the positive side of a mathematical probability. It is the belief that all events are guided by random chance. It is a hundred times more likely that someone will get fatally struck by lightning than win a lottery. Since its all a matter of probabilities hence we should not blindly submit ourselves to this phenomena called luck.

Just because the odds are stacked against you, doesn’t mean you should quit.

Instead,ask and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

We are never prisoner of our own fate. Some things are beyond our power to change. But because life is full of options, we can use our resources to realize our objectives.





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