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Last Autumn leaves - California, Jan 2015  Shot by A & R

Last Autumn leaves – California, Jan 2015 Shot by A & R

What’s the point in mindless chatter if you cannot prove your point? It’s akin to mindless blogs we write just to be able to prove ourselves ( and others too) that we have been writing everyday!

People who are intelligent , serious minded and are thoughtful, prefer to remain silent in more occasions than not. I wasn’t a chatterbox ever and considered myself to be more towards the silent types of species. I realized later in my life that there were people even more serious and quieter than me! Of course I aint saying I’m intelligent…I’m probably an average mind with an average IQ.

So why would people choose to remain silent even when there’s scandalizing things being said or stupidest matters are being discussed? Simply because they do not want to waste their energy on mindless chatter and would rather conserve their energies for more meaningful purposes. I understand it so much better now….guess it comes with age and experience!

Coming back to the actual topic that I want to write about. I remain a novice as far as blogging is concerned but I know for sure that I should be be penning down my thoughts only when I have something very concrete,useful and substantial to say. I should also use precise words , complete sentences and that by the end of the blog, the reader should clearly get I wanted to say and take back something from my post or my experience. Okay, sometimes I do write a personal experience and vent out my emotions but I make sure there is still a take away for the reader. After all, I’m writing more for someone to read than for anything else.

I do not believe in writing mindless blabber leading to nothing, just to put a check on a daily blogging schedule. It’s better to write a short poem or just put some creative self-taken shots rather than writing such stuff. So there are days that I might write two- three posts and sometimes weeks may pass and I may not feel anything strong to write about. Sometimes it happens that I’m busy enjoying my present that I instinctively realize that at that point in time, absolutely nothing is more important than experiencing and soaking up those moments of life. Everything else takes a back seat then.

I’m sure its perfectly alright to miss a few days catching up with life and to take a break from writing every once in a while without feeling guilty about it !

Cheers for meaningful posts and poetry. And for even more meaningful pictures!

Can you !

Can you !





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