Small word , big responsibility , bigger repercussions if broken.

The only people who would carry on believing in us even when we break their trust, is immediate blood family. Rest everyone will, at the most will give you a second chance and then would either leave or chuck you out of their lives.

Trust is a huge virtue , being ‘true’ is the biggest portion of it. When young, we are being told to be truthful, honest and keep our promises. When we grow up, apart from these we also need to know the unspoken words and sentiments of the people we love, lest we hurt them unknowingly. This get complicated in today’s times.

A vast sea of promises, emotions and words play games between two people. It is up to the hard work of these people if they choose to go that extra mile to keep their friends, mates or partners happy. One of my friends casually mentioned a few years back, that its all about performance, professionally and personally too. Until then I had not known the value of the performance in personal life. I took all my relationships a bit casually and I didn’t know, I could work hard on it.

For me, all my relationships were equal and I didn’t treat anyone differently. I believed in equality but little did I know that each person is different and they ask for different things. Some need space, others security. Some are vocal about their feeling other are not and one need to know them better through their actions. Some would make you feel special and expect the same back, some would be just plain honest and simple, others would be diplomatic still be honest.

Trust in all cases cannot be broken, for it leads to a damage that cannot be mended ever. I still believe , if the core of our heart is honest and we make some extra effort to know the other person inside out, we would always see that thin line which we should not never cross.

Respect the trust that the other person has put on you. Leave before you have to break it.

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Movie Review- Interstellar




First things first…When you see this 3 hour long movie you realize what trash is being made in India and that Hollywood is light years ahead of us ! Though personally not fond of Sci-Fi movies, I went to see the usual Mathew McConaughey bringing a character to life and of course his lovable demeanor! It turned out to be an exhilarating experience.

The story is based in future where Mathew is a qualified NASA pilot but has taken up farming because the earth needs to produce more crops to feed people rather than engineers. He is chosen to travel to another galaxy in search of a sustainable planet through a wormhole near Saturn. The mission, till the end is not a very successful one, barring the crew’s experiences with extra-dimensional times of the other galaxies and other related lesser known facts about gravity. Mathew is forced to be left alone in the open universe only to be rescued by his daughter’s/ NASA successive mission, which she did by receiving data from her father through multidimensional times that he was experiencing in the other galaxy. The father-daughter duo meet after more than a 100 years have gone by on earth.While Mathew remains as young he was, when he left due to the relativity theory, his daughter is near the end of her life. Humans finally find a sustainable multidimensional-space near Saturn and are able to transfer and save people on earth.

My kids Naomi and Ocean quite appropriately briefed me to brush up my physics (Theory of Relativity and Dimensions) before hitting the theater and am glad that I sincerely followed their advice!

A Must-experience ride, about a thought-provoking and visually resplendent story with its perfect concepts of space and time.




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