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It was a darn busy December as I was travelling to India with the baby and hopping from one plane to another the whole month and when I find myself writing this today….I wonder what motivates me really!

Okay , so about the topic. I’m not a avid book reader. In fact not a reader at all. There are just a handful of books that I must have tried and even fewer that I really liked. When I entered in my new house , it already had a couple of cartons full of books of all kinds. They were promptly sold off to the scrap dealer right before the new year 2013. Ani was not an reader himself but sometimes he likes to read certain kind of books, the practical , motivational and some business/intellect related books. So, I saw Outliers, Rich Dad Poor dad, Beating the Street,The power of now, One minute Manager etc which were neatly lined up on his table. He uses his idle time in the loo to read any stuff that he wanted to, not wasting his precious other times, which he thinks must be used in productive activities.


He read “The Secret” the following summer and told me that I must get my hands on it whenever I have time. f course he didn’t know that I had cracked it before him!!He did not believe in suspense thrillers or any tales that he could not use in his real life. I on the other hand like to read History or fictional history as it takes my imagination to the bygone era. Anything that is real or realistic stimulates me. Fiction is a strict no-no although I have had my share of Mills and Boons times in my teens!

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I read some fictional stuff while I was doing my Masters in English sometime back and yes, English literature fascinated me at that time. Sometimes I think I should have done my doctors in English! But then , the life throws things at you which changes the course of your life itself.

So here I’m, reading books only when I’m not out to see places. I find it more rewarding and fulfilling to be a traveler and to experience the feel of a place and being with another human being in person rather than in the books.

Im a wanderer…!

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